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Saturday, 21 July 2012

More from New England

Have been home for a week now and my feet don't seem to have touched the ground.
I'm sitting here babysitting my little Abi. She's tucked up in bed while mummy and daddy have a night at the cinema and I'm looking through iPad at my photo's of my trip to New England and realize their is so much I didn't show or tell you I really did cram in an awful lot.
I drove across from Burlington to Maine via the white mountains of New Hampshire. Stunningly beautiful.

I have happy memories of here -Crawford Notch where DH and I hiked in 2000.

Another covered bridge near North Conway NH

I visited the shaker village at Sabbathday Lake

No visit to Maine is complete with out visiting L.L.Bean

A fantastic day at the Maine Botanical Gardens

I meet this bullfrog I did think of kissing him with the vain hope he might turn into a prince.

Had to go to Pickity Place in Mason New Hampshire where this house was used in the illustrations of Little Red Riding Hood.

I had meet up with my friend Suzanne for this overnight part of my trip. We had a super lunch here and wandered round the herb garden.

Oh grandma what big eyes you have and a nice quilt too.

Then their was a day at Old Sturbridge Village

Some nice quilts to be seen here. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Sturbridge and seeing how they lived back in the 1830's.
And lots lots more. How I love New England, pretty sure I might have been a New Englander in a previous life.


  1. Sue thanks so much for sharing lovely photos - I love New England too - have had many happy holidays in Cape Cod when the children were small - and just love the East Coast generally. Enjoy babysitting!

  2. Such wonderful photos and beautiful memories you'll have of this trip!!

  3. I grew up down the hill from the Sabbathday Lake Shakers. Did you tour the buildings? Fascinating how they lived. I miss New England so it has been a treat to see where you've been. You really got to see a lot on your trip!

  4. Sue, I so enjoyed seeing more pix from your latest trip, great photo of you and Suz.

  5. A trip to New England is on my to-do list for some day. For now, I'm enjoying photos of your trip.
    How sweet to see the inspiration for illustrations of the grandmother's house.
    Some of my favorite repro fabrics have the word Sturbridge on the selvege edge. The enjoyment of visiting historical towns and buildings goes right along with those of us who adore repro fabrics. Lucky you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your photographs. What a wonderful experience!

  7. Sue, fun to see more of your trip. So glad you and Suzanne had a chance to connect. Cute photo! I love New England too. It is a special place indeed.

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous trip Sue with some wonderful memories made.

  9. I am sure you have much in common with the early New Englanders since they were Brits after all. ;) I made that drive from Maine through New Hampshire once and it was incredible. I do hope to get back and want to visit that quilt shop - blanking on the name but Cindy (sp?) owns it.