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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fall Fun

As they say time flies when your enjoying yourself and  have been doing plenty of that but no  real sewing to show for it.

A bit of fall  decorating going on

Did manage to sew this door panel that I bought some years ago in the USA. 

Managed a day at the Malvern quilt show but only took  a few photos whilst their. 

 Loved this folk art bird wall hanging
This miniature was gorgeous too.

 Then wev'e had this gorgeous girls christening .She was a real poppet and didn't mind  water being poured over her head even though it wasn't bath time.
She looked a picture in her cream silk christening gown and smiled all day long.

Then this little pumpkin arrived this morning to play at Granny's house. We had real fun and got into the spirit of Halloween.
Then look what happened Granny's favourite bear turned up .

One lovely  last thing to end the month. I won a giveaway from Regan over at
Thanks Regan , I am happy to tell you the book, fabric and  your favourite stitch rippers arrived across the stormy seas.

So November starts tomorrow and I have a challenge to start on . Lori at , Barb and Jill no blog agreed to this back at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June. Their is a deadline, but have worked out I get a bit longer to do mine .Although I am  ahead in hours I could still be working on mine by the time Lori wakes up in Oregon when hers has to be finished. So Barb and Jill that means you get a few extra hours on Lori too.
Every cloud has a silver lining LOL.
Till next time


  1. Abigail is so sweet- whether she's in a christening gown or pooh outfit!
    The east coast girls day comes before mine so I have a few extra hours. That's on my to-do list this month as well.

  2. Sue, your little poppet is too cute for words. What a joy! Love that word, poppet. ;-)

  3. There is a lovely autumnal glow in your neck of the woods and little Abi is so gorgeous. I am intrigued by the stitchalong and can't wait to see what you are all up to.

  4. Hello Sue:
    we are so glad to read that all is well with you and that, especially, you are having enormous pleasure from your new grand-daughter.

  5. Beautiful pictures of your granddaughter, Sue :-)
    I agree with you, the folk art wall hanging is so pretty.

  6. What a gorgeous Pooh Bear you have there, Sue, so sweet!