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Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Bit of This and That

Well I am still here and have been working on my challenge quilt . Show and tell date for showing this  is 1st January so you will still have to wait a while to see what Barb, Lori , Jill and I have been up too.

Do you remember this ?  Well I have got back into making more and more Klosjes and now have these.
I was hoping making these would have made a dent in the scrap bag, but sadly NOT so I will continue to make them and start adding more borders of them.

I was very excited yesterday as my Special Winter edition of Quiltmania arrived. I would love anyone of the 12 projects inside this edition.  Note I say love anyone and Not MAKE everyone.I would like to make all of them but theirs another couple of years I have to find for  living. I need to find the potion for eternal  youth so I can fit it all in.
Linda from and Margaret from both have quilts in there. Well done ladies they are beauties.


Thursday we a special day for me here in the UK as I was invited to my neighbours for Thanksgiving dinner. This is not a holiday we celebrate here but  am now thankful I was asked as it was all very nice and it is  something else  I have ticked of the bucket list.

So better late then never I will leave you with a photo of my Turkey Tracks Quilt  and hope all of you on the other side of the pond had a delicious turkey dinner  with all the trimmings as I did.

Happy Stitching


  1. That Quiltmania looks like a great issue.
    So fun you got to celebrate American Thanksgiving:) It's a lovely tradition.

  2. Can see that a trip to the newsagents is in order to buy that magazine. I had a ping of conscience this week and opened the box storing the kloses but only to add a strip of cut fabric to it. Glad to see yours and it looking so good. Well done and keep up the good work.When you find the secret to eternal youth will you let me know.

  3. Quiltmania Special - I forgot to order it!! I have to get my hands on a copy, it looks lovely, and so does your Turkey Tracks quilt :-)

  4. Great collection of klosjes and I love your Turkey tracks quilt - such pretty soft colours!
    Every Stitch

  5. Wonderful work! I need to locate a copy of that magazine.

  6. So glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving! When I lived over there we had our neighbors over as to share traditions!

  7. Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving with your neighbours, I plan on using some of the great recipes that I've seen on my favourite blogs at Christmas. The "sides" & "dressings" have my mouth watering.

  8. Your spools are wonderful! Great fabric combos! So glad you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving!

  9. oh I love that turkey track quilt, perfect time to share it.
    So glad you were able to experience a Thanksgiving dinner, of course I would love to know what you liked the best? '
    I love the setting of your spools...
    I am looking forward to getting that magazine soon!

  10. Love your challenge quilt progress.
    Nice Turkey Tracks quilt - glad you got a little taste of a US Thanksgiving - FUN!