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Saturday, 16 March 2013

International Quilt Day

I was  up early this  this morning and was determined to finish a couple more blocks of my Prickly Stars.
One more block to make now and have been deciding on how I am going to set them and what with!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Well as you all know we have metres and metres of fabric in our stashes  but could not find one that went with my latest project.

So had a little word with PIC yesterday morning and it was agreed that I needed to spend money. Yikes when I have enough fabric to fill a shop of my own I was off to buy more!!!.

We meet up at .    where Steph has a wonderful range of reproduction fabrics and before long several ladies were chirping in their thoughts and opinions.

Whilst there we heard a familiar voice coming from the teaching end of the shop and it was Barbara was teaching one of her lovely classes  and when they broke for lunch we caught up with her. She showed us a lovely white whole cloth quilt that she had recently picked up at a textile fair. It had gorgeous quilting on it and hope Barb will share it with us all on her blog sooooooooon.

Then once again another familiar face joined us . Claire needed fabric for one of her latest projects and we spent a happy time talking to her.

My fabric choice was made and it was homeward bound and eager to now get on .  So one more block to make then you can see my latest purchase.

Its International Quilting day today so hope you are all enjoying a happy sewing day.



  1. Why is it that we can never find that right fabric in our stash and just have go shopping again! :-)))
    Lovely looking blocks.

  2. Love the blocks and who needs an excuse anyway. Shop till you drop girl!

  3. I love your prickly stars project. I can't wait to see your purchase. How fun to run into so many friends :0)

  4. Great blocks Sue and it is always important to only use fabric that talks to you (oh dear it must be all the sunshine getting to me here). What a fun day you must have had choosing your fabric. Take care.

  5. Lovely blocks; I cannot wait to see how you set them and what you bought. Karmen

  6. Beautiful stars!
    happy quilting day

  7. Love these stars. Looking forward to seeing how you set them and with what. Cupcake Cottons sounds like a very vibrant quilt shop!

  8. A day out with a girlfriend is a great way to spend the afternoon!!

  9. Your prickly stars are lovely. What fun to need some different fabric...!

  10. I love your prickly stars - how big are the blocks? Sounds like a great day out!!