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Friday, 11 April 2014

Shipton Exhibition

Today we have been setting up for our Exhibition which we hold every three years.
We hold it at this glorious building in the Cotswolds called Rendcomb  College, it's a private school. You can hire it out of term time and this is the fourth time for us to set up once again. 

It's a massive undertaking to fill the space and we work in teams setting up in different room. 
We like to theme our areas and this year my team which includes my pic decided by way of a change we would hang antique quilts. 
Meet Emma she is our computer whizzo who likes making quilts out of her old t- shirts. She is amazingly enthusiastic and will miss her when she goes off to university. 
Aileen, mother to three and works full time. She finds time to make small projects and loves a jelly roll.
Sorry your a bit blurred Aileen.
Emma and Aileen mastered the art of getting frames up in no time with Sue and I lagging behind. 
That's Sue on her knees praying for some of our old youth. 

Sue our antique/ vintage quilt collector. Good old Sue we might not have been able to put our room together without all Sue's quilts.
It's starting to come together.

This is our spring section. 
This is summer and it looks like it today with the sun shining through the windows.
Lovely cake stand quilt. 

Lovely soft pink Lone Star with a prairie bonnet

A lovely whole cloth Welsh quilt. 
We've had a fun day together dispite the age difference's . We made a great team ! 
I'll be back posting again in a few days with some more lovely antique quilts.
So if any of you are around and want to spend a day in the most glorious country side and see our groups work we would love to see you. 



  1. Looks wonderful!!! What a great setting...

  2. Beautiful quilts in a beautiful setting!! I am looking forward to more pictures. Thank you for sharing these.

  3. Wow - would love to visit but sadly too far away . What a wonderful venue full of wonderful quilts!

  4. It looks like a wonderful place for a quilt show! The quilts are lovely!!

  5. Hello Sue:

    Something of an undertaking preparing for such an exhibition. But what a magnificent setting. We very much hope that after all your efforts you will be inundated with visitors.

  6. I would certainly love to be there and see this wonderful exhibition in such a stunning setting instead it is wind and rain for me at the moment. Take care.

  7. What a lovely venue for a quilt show. the antique quilts are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more of the show!

  8. what a great venue and I love the staging props like the wagon and rockers.

  9. What a gorgeous location to display some gorgeous quilts!! I can't wait for more pictures :0)

  10. Well done Sue. Have two favourites, the gorgeous green and red one and of course the pink lone star.

  11. What a spectacular spot for a quilt show! It looks like you have a beautiful collection of antique quilts to share as well.