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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Hint Taken

I hope I have a budding quilter in Abi, not that she's sewing at 2 3/4 but she knows that everyone needs a quilt including Max.
Some weeks back he was laid on the sofa for a little nap and Abi disappeared and came back with some blocks she found in my sewing room. How sweet she wanted to cover her little brother up and keep him snug. 
 She even gave him a little pin keep to keep him company. ( know pins in it). 

So hint taken and have put these stars together for Max. 
I was going to put Max at the top but decided to put his initials MRW sounds more like some sporty car. 
It's a bit of a long thin one because its going to be for his cot bed, a bit of a long way off from being in that but it's another UFO finished, well not quite this one I want to quilt myself. 



  1. Lovely! That little Abi is too smart! lol She knows how to get gramma going.

  2. super cute - the initials are great and I love a patriotic quilt for a baby boy.

  3. Very Fun! I think Abi should help make a few stitches in the finishing. So sweet.

  4. That is so cute.....definitely a quilter in the making. Good colours for the quilt too, it will grow with him.

  5. Such a cute quilt and will be all the more special through the years with the story of how big sis inspired it.

  6. She will surely be a quilter. So sweet what she did...

  7. Ah! Bless her. That is so sweet. Looks like he has a trendy haircut going on there. Lovely quilt for Max.

  8. Abi is such a good big sister looking out for little Max! I love the quilt you have made for him!

  9. I love it, what a great story :-)