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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Time to blog

At last I'm having a rest day after the hectic time in Houston and i'm sitting in sunshine by the pool in sunny Florida. 
My feet didn't touch the ground from when I touched down in Houston and it was wonderful to meet up with lots of old friends and a few new friendships were definitely cemented !
What a show!!! The minute I walked in I was transported back to The Infinite Variety of Red and White quilts in NYC back in 2011. Not such a big exhibit and all the quilts were made since that time when lots who saw this spectacular exhibit  became inspired to make a red and white quilt.
It happened to be the ruby anniversary of the show in Houston so it was fitting they chose the NYC theme. 

And here's Brenda Papadakis and me with her red and white Takes Two quilt that is available as a pattern. If your so inspired here's a great pattern. 

Until next time. 



  1. What a lovely rendition of the Infinite Variety exhibit. You look lovely!

  2. Ahhhh, there's not many things as pretty as a show or red and white quilts! Beautiful!

  3. very beautiful quilts red and white thank you for this pictures

  4. You can never see too much red and white and it must have been an exciting exhibition. I remember the wonderful buzz from Houston from our visit five years ago now. Did you get tempted by all the antique quilt booths? Take care.

  5. What a spectacular exhibit! Reminds me of the good times in NYC

  6. Thank you so much for posting these shots for those of us who missed NYC and the Houston exhibits:)

  7. Thank you for sharing these photos !!
    Wow...what beautiful quilts.......

  8. What a treat to see all these photos! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great photo's sue! I love them all.
    It was fantastic to share the time we had together in housten. I will be smiling for a long time!