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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Klosjes & Chelsea Flower Show

My Favourite Gold Winning Garden


It's Saturday and here are my klosjes for the week. I was so determined to do twelve this week that I was even sewing in the back seat of my sons car on our way to Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. Total this week 12- total to date=33

It was a a lovely warm day and we enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the place, we enjoyed ice cream and that great summer drink Pimms, You can see from the height of Neil I must of put manure in his shoes when he was growing. He says I am shrinking!

We finished of our day with dinner at one of Gorday Ramsays restaurants Foxtrot Oscar before heading back to the car. I swear I am 2 ins shorter today after all the walking we done. Maybe Neil is right I am shrinking.
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It was an especially fun day with Neil and Emily. I am blessed.
I am going to leave you with some glorious flowers to enjoy. I know its not quilts but as the Julia Andrews song goes. These are a few of my favourite things.
Lets all take time to smell the roses.
Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Summer Quilt



My wonderful tree peony is flowering- It is just with me for a short time but love this gorgeous flower.

It also seems summer has come and it is time for a change with my bed quilt- I purchased this lovely pastel one when I was in Florida the same time I bought the bear paw with all the old fabrics in it. This one I got from the man who sold me the doll crib quilt . I also bought another red and white one when I was there but you will have to wait until I fancy a change of bedding again to see that one. I really think it has only a sheet in between for batting as it is very thin, not to much quilting on it either but its nice a fresh look for the summer. Judging by the fabrics I guess it was made in the 1930's.
Someone please remind me what this block is called.

I really don't have to go mad and keep decorating a different quilt on the bed does it for me. As they say a change is as good as a rest. I am easily pleased.

P>S It came to me in a flash. ( IT DID TAKE A WHILE) the block is called Turkey Tracks. ( Correct me if I am wrong)
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Saturday, 22 May 2010


Today I was driving back home from town and took my normal cut through. As I was driving through Charlton Kings and going past the church their was a wedding party just coming out for photos, Well I couldn't believe it their was Emily and Neil. My son and his girlfriend. Yes I knew they were going to a wedding today and that Emily was a bridesmaid but had know idea where or when. Fortunately I had my camera with me so parked up and caught them on camera. It has been a lovely sunny day so hope they enjoyed themselves at the reception - Doesn't she look gorgeous, I think my son looks quite handsome to but I am biased.

Anyway it is Saturday so Klosjes day. 9 this week total to date 21.
These are very addictive- I might have a habit. LOL

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Antique Quilt and Blocks

Sue and Mery waiting for Lunch
Two Springer Spaniels like a couple of bookends

Yesterday I went to see my PIC as I hadn't seen her since my trip to Paducah. I needed to take the goodies she had asked me to buy for her. I couldn't get everything she asked for so I spent the remainder of HER DOLLARS on something I knew she would like, some antique quilt blocks from Cindys Antique Quilts, Suemluvsquilts NO BLOG I hope to see these one's made up into something or am not bringing anymore blocks back from the USA for you again :-) Only kidding.

Cindy's is a beautiful stand with antique quilts just dripping from ever where. She wasn't happy for photography but she did however let me photograph this lovely Applique quilt that she was showing to a customer. I loved it a real folk art feel to it.

Sue , Mery and I set off to the local pub at lunch time for a bite to eat and on the way back saw these two dogs sitting in the upstairs window of a cottage. They looked like a couple of Staffordshire flat back figures. They could easily have been used as a couple of bookends we had to laugh.

I also spotted my Hunters Star quilt that I exhibited at Malvern on Ferret's blog. she is praising Rosemary at Frome Valley Quiltings longarm machine quilting. Yes she did do a good job on it. Well she always does.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010



Well I have begun my Klosjes and am really enjoying going through choosing fabric and using Cindy's stamping block to stamp fabric and sew.

Watch this space.

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Malvern Quilt Show

One of the Sail Boat Quilts at Cowslip Workshops
Bluebells at Crickley Hill
Sally Bramalds Quilt
My Hunters Star Quilt

Well I have had another busy week, On Wednesday I drove down to Cornwall to Cowslip Workshops to do a couple of workshops on Thursday and Friday. As always they were enjoyable days as I myself find the place very inspirational, Jo always has an amazing selection of fabrics to chose from and those who did my workshop went of on a nautical theme- Well we were doing sailing boats.

It also seems that the bluebells have decided to flower and Mery and I had a lovely walk through some woods where the blue was really showing them selves.

The other thing is it has been Quilts UK at Malvern . I went today as I had to collect the quilt I had entered at the end of the show and had agreed to meet fellow blogger Stitcherydo - Shirley for a cup of tea. Funny how we have only meet since blogging and today was our first real life meeting. I am glad she recognised me because she certainly wasn't walking around with a carnation between her teeth so I could spot her. She reckoned I would be able to spot her because of the number of bags she was carrying but by the time I meet she had done so much shopping they bags had to be taken to the car before I could see what she had bought. She was however tempted with some lovely old purple reproduction prints from Fiona at theAmerican Quilt Store. I do hope Fiona manages to get back home to Boston as the Volcanic ash cloud is threatening to disrupt the skies again.
This year the quilts were really good and some amazing winners. Sally Bramalds Whole Cloth Quilt was one of my favourites and oh my goodness my machine quilting would never ever be this good .
So its practice practice practice.

Anyway had a good quilt week I meet up with lots of old friends and one new. Thanks Shirley for the tea chat and taking my photo with my Hunters Star hope we meet up again at another quilt show. Maybe the Festival of Quilts in August. Meanwhile keep blogging and sewing.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Marion Kentucky

I set off on one of my mornings to a town called Marion where the Amish have settled in Kentucky.

I saw one horse drawn buggy when I was there, not like Lancaster PA where you see that at every turn.

The small town itself had some quilts on display at the town hall and church.
The ladies in the church were telling me that all the quilts on display were made by mothers, aunts or some relation of the present day congregation between the 1930's - 1950's .
You will see they are honest quilts that clearly had an every day use.Which is entirely what they were intended for.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Paducah Rotary Antque Quilt Show

Sue Reich in the green jacket

This years Antique Quilt show at the Robert Cherry Civic Centre was of Quilts of World War 11- Curated by Sue Reich.
Sue gave talks twice a day about the quilts that were made in the war years.
Lots of parachute silk to be found and I love the one that was made up of a panel that apparently night workers hung in there windows to let people know they were sleeping in the daytime.

They were also called Victory quilts and really enjoyed walking round the quilts with her while she gave her explanations of each one. Their were a lot of quilts and one with all the naval insignia on it. There happened to be an Old War Vet there who gave some explanation and he was clearly moved by the quilts as were a lot of others I could have hugged him.

All these quilts can be seen and more in Sue's World War 11 Quilts by Schiffer Books. ( I can't seem to link it) Sorry.

I really enjoyed this event and all these quilts are from Sue's own collection.


Thursday, 6 May 2010


ON THE ROAD TO KNOW WHERE. Land Between the Lakes

After my first day at the AQS show I thought I would head out of town to see what I could find. I love just mooching about old antique shops and flea markets you never know what might turn up. I also wanted to see something of Kentucky.

Carolyn at the B&B where I was staying suggested I head out to the Lakes Region. I stopped off on my way at the Twin Lakes Antique Mall where I found a nice little goodie, which I can't tell you about as it is to be a gift and that would spoil the surprise to the recipient who I know reads my blog :-)
I headed to Grand Rivers and then took the road that runs right through the centre of the Land Between the Lakes. Lake Kentucky on one side and Lake Barkley on the other, It is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful you will see from the picture that it looks like I was on the road to know where as their wasn't another vehicle in site. Perhaps they knew their was an English women driving on the wrong side of the road . LOL.
Hazel was to be my destination . It is a small antique town where I spent a few hours mooching about. Lots of lovely antique quilts and the brown basket quilt was a favorite but a little to rich for my pocket and a little to big for my case. Its so simple , Love at first sight. I love basket quilts and do have a lovely blue and white one but wouldn't a brown one have been nice too.
So what did I do I pacified myself with an ice cream from the local Soda Fountain.

On reflection I wish I had taken the plunge.

Wistful Sue

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Hancocks - Just a little Fabric

Quilt Man at Hancocks


Phillippa Naylors quilt painting on the outside of AQS museum wall

Philippa Naylors quilt White Gold.



As a first timer to Paducah I felt a bit overwhelmed with the whole thing. Its not just the main venue you have to contended with its all the other small venues that are going on in and around the town. Plus Hancocks and vendors in the Kentucky Oaks Mall,which I found just by chance . I also found one of my favourite web site shops there.

I parked at Carson Park and took the shuttle into the Convention Centre so that I could orientate myself. Once you get the hang of the shuttle system and got my self a show catalogue I sat down and worked out what to try and see in the first day. Needless to say I did far to much and when I got back to the B&B in the evening was in bed by 8.30 and sound asleep by 8.35. It could have been something to do with the 2 long days I had in the car and sleeping in different beds. Well that's going to be my excuse, AGEEEEEE doesn't have anything to do with it at all.

I purchased the Summer Gatherings book along with the small Peony Quilt Kit that is in the first photo from one of my favourite shops. Primitive Gatherings
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I am going to just post lots of photos over the next few days from in and around Paducah. I hope you enjoy.