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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Paducah Rotary Antque Quilt Show

Sue Reich in the green jacket

This years Antique Quilt show at the Robert Cherry Civic Centre was of Quilts of World War 11- Curated by Sue Reich.
Sue gave talks twice a day about the quilts that were made in the war years.
Lots of parachute silk to be found and I love the one that was made up of a panel that apparently night workers hung in there windows to let people know they were sleeping in the daytime.

They were also called Victory quilts and really enjoyed walking round the quilts with her while she gave her explanations of each one. Their were a lot of quilts and one with all the naval insignia on it. There happened to be an Old War Vet there who gave some explanation and he was clearly moved by the quilts as were a lot of others I could have hugged him.

All these quilts can be seen and more in Sue's World War 11 Quilts by Schiffer Books. ( I can't seem to link it) Sorry.

I really enjoyed this event and all these quilts are from Sue's own collection.



  1. I saw a big batch of those quilts online and thought they were amazing! I bet it was nice to have a curator explain information about them.

  2. How wonderful to have each quilt personally explained to you. Thanks for sharing, I am really enjoying your trip to Paducah.

  3. WOW Sue, I always enjoy reading Sue Reich's posts on the Quilt History List; I love basket quilts and have made a couple and I am really enjoying the tour you are giving us of Paducah and surrounds.