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Thursday, 6 May 2010


ON THE ROAD TO KNOW WHERE. Land Between the Lakes

After my first day at the AQS show I thought I would head out of town to see what I could find. I love just mooching about old antique shops and flea markets you never know what might turn up. I also wanted to see something of Kentucky.

Carolyn at the B&B where I was staying suggested I head out to the Lakes Region. I stopped off on my way at the Twin Lakes Antique Mall where I found a nice little goodie, which I can't tell you about as it is to be a gift and that would spoil the surprise to the recipient who I know reads my blog :-)
I headed to Grand Rivers and then took the road that runs right through the centre of the Land Between the Lakes. Lake Kentucky on one side and Lake Barkley on the other, It is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful you will see from the picture that it looks like I was on the road to know where as their wasn't another vehicle in site. Perhaps they knew their was an English women driving on the wrong side of the road . LOL.
Hazel was to be my destination . It is a small antique town where I spent a few hours mooching about. Lots of lovely antique quilts and the brown basket quilt was a favorite but a little to rich for my pocket and a little to big for my case. Its so simple , Love at first sight. I love basket quilts and do have a lovely blue and white one but wouldn't a brown one have been nice too.
So what did I do I pacified myself with an ice cream from the local Soda Fountain.

On reflection I wish I had taken the plunge.

Wistful Sue


  1. I can understand why you were tempted with the brown baskets. Love the little ice cream shop, it looks just like something out of "Happy Days".

  2. How fun - looks like you had a great time. The last time I went to the show we stayed in Turtle Bay at the Yatch Club. It was darling - there are some little treasure spots down there, like that soda shop.

  3. That area looks beautiful. I love the brown basket quilt too. The baptist fan quilting really makes it!!

  4. That brown baskets quilt is on my list of quilts to make. I fell in love with a very pale cream and pink one very similar at Cowslip years ago. Did you see it at Jo's exhibition last year? It is so gorgeous. Love the ice cream parlour.

  5. I'm in love with the brown baskets,...