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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Marion Kentucky

I set off on one of my mornings to a town called Marion where the Amish have settled in Kentucky.

I saw one horse drawn buggy when I was there, not like Lancaster PA where you see that at every turn.

The small town itself had some quilts on display at the town hall and church.
The ladies in the church were telling me that all the quilts on display were made by mothers, aunts or some relation of the present day congregation between the 1930's - 1950's .
You will see they are honest quilts that clearly had an every day use.Which is entirely what they were intended for.



  1. Oh yummy. I spy with my little eye 2 more quilts that need to be made. You are very bad for me Sue. My bag is going to be so weighed down at Malvern with fabric for these delights. Picture number two has got me going. That is how I plan to make my Klosjes quilt in that exact setting and that beautiful hexagon quilt in the background.

  2. Another gorgeous Show & Tell. I think the everyday, utilitarian quilts are beautiful and I agree with Shirley, no. 2 quilt is a stunner.

  3. I love the quilts! How nice of them to have them displayed for everyone to enjoy.