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Monday, 27 December 2010

Quilt Gifts & New York

Gifts from Frances at Quilting Owl
I finally got out of the village on Thursday after my drive was dug free of snow. I made a dash to the Nursing home- I know they tell me DH is OK when I phone in but their is nothing like seeing him with  my own eyes to confirm it. 

On Christmas morning I had lots of lovely gifts but these were two special quilts gifts that I adore. My son bought me the BOOK of The History of Dutch Quilts that is now printed in English, I have got to tell you it is the most fabulous book- wonderful pictures of old dutch quilts. I am so glad I hinted to him  in a very small way that I needed this book- It is a joy.

My second lovely gift was some lovely fabric, a pincushion pattern and a wool tree ornament from Frances. She really knew what to send me- would you believe a coordinating range of Lecian fabrics that just happens to have a bit of Toile in it. Thank you so much Frances I love it. You will have to keep reading now to see how it is used.


The other exciting thing is my PIC and I had been talking for some weeks about going to the American Folk Art Exhibition of Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts . Well she sat on her end of the phone and me on mine while we discussed options . Before I knew it I pushed the button so we are off to New York In March. Goodness knows what we are going to be like. Well I expect you have guessed that we will be like a couple of kids let loose in a sweet shop. Whoopee.

If I have learnt anything since DH has had Alzheimer's is that our time here  is not a dress rehearsal and to make the most of life.


  1. Hello Sue, I am new to your blog. Your gifts are just lovely and I am glad to hear the book is now printed in English, I will have to look for it! Nice how subtle hints work!! Have a wonderful time in NY, what a magnificent exhibition that will be. You are so right, life is to be lived every day. I am attempting a red and muslin schoolhouse quilt. All the very best Sue, warm regards, Ann ~ Australia.

  2. Sue, so glad you finally got dug out and were able to see your DH. That must have set your mind at ease. I was just going to order that book. I'm sure it's wonderful, and have been waiting for ages for it to be printed in English. How wonderful that you are able to go to the Red and White Exhibit!

  3. What lovely gifts! I look forward to seeing what you make with the fabric. I would adore to go to that Quilt exhibit. I haven't quite figured it out yet - why does New York have to be so far away? I bet it will be wonderful beyond words!

  4. Hi Sue,
    What lovely thoughtful gifts you have received and I know that they will be put to good use. It is such a welcome relief to see grass today. Mick slipped and hurt his back on Christmas day. I am so getting into all this red and white and I bet that exhibition will be a real feast. Sounds like fun.
    Love Shirley.x

  5. Hi Sue, so glad that you got out in the end!
    You have been given some lovely presents, the book is going on my list.
    I am full of envy re New York trip, I am sure you will have a great time:))
    My best wishes for 2011! I know it can't be easy:)

  6. What lovely gifts Sue and especially thoughtful of your son to pick up on the hint. :)

  7. That is so exciting that you will be going to NYC to see those quilts! That is the most amazing and enticing photo of them! Lovely gifts as well. I need to look for that Dutch book. Glad your spirit is bright!

  8. What beautiful fabrics and I'm so glad that book is in english now, I think I must go look at it. I'm so happy for you, going to see the red and white quilts is going to be amazing, take a ton of photos if you're allowed for us poor ones that won't be going.

  9. What a thoughtful son you have, Sue. It sounds like you are enjoying your gift. I've been hearing good buzz about the book and decided to order a copy this morning.

  10. How Wonderful!! Have you been to NYC yet? so much to do and see here.
    I'll be going to the show also, maybe we can meet for a cup of tea.
    I know what you mean about calling about your DH. When we were with my FIL, he was so worried about his wife who lives in a memory center. I know it was hard not to see her for the week.
    By the way, what is PIC ?

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