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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snowed In

Snow, Snow Snow. 15 ins of it to be precise .This is my box garden , my centre urn has a top hat and my box pyramids look like something out of ghost buster's.  It hasn't stopped snowing here all day and I won't be going anywhere fast. Nothing has moved in or the  village and haven't seen another soul all day.
It looks like a scene from Narnia  with this picture being taken from my bedroom window.

Mery and I did have to brave it  as she had to go out . The snow came completely over my wellies but as you can see she just loves being out in it.
This is what happens when we come back- snowballs stuck to her coat which takes a whole load  of licking and pulling at !
I am stocked up with food , I have even done some  baking and came over all domestic and cleaned the house.
I hope it thaws  over the days  ahead  so I can get to DH at the nursing home. We are snug and warm and might even get some more sewing done now that I have a clean home and am ready for Christmas.
Meanwhile- Send shovel, Send manpower, Send Snow Plough.

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  1. I know how you feel Sue. We have had 10 inches here but I did manage an outing this morning because I live in the suburbs with no slopes. Isn't it amazing how just a slight incline makes such a difference? Never mind at least we had had "Strictly Come Dancing" to enjoy - and the right result!!

  2. It looks like you had more snow then we did, but we too were snowed in. Just as well it is a weekend and like you, we have enough food in.

  3. Wow, you got blasted! At least you are well stocked with food and hopefully you will be able to stay warm and cozy!

  4. Holy smokes! That is a lot of snow at one time!!
    I'm glad you and Mery are safe and sound. I hope the roads clear soon so you can visit Dick. Stay warm and sew while you can!!

  5. My goodness--that's a lot of snow from one storm! Your photos are lovely, but I'm sure you'd rather have no snow to photograph. I like your reference to Nardia. That's definitely the look of your yard! We've seen video coverage of the extensive snowfall you've been experiencing.
    Stay warm! Stay safe!

  6. Hi Sue,
    Heard on the news that you had a lot of snow. Unusual for us here but we have around 5 inches and it is so cold. Our trip to Cardiff today has been cancelled. May just have to re watch Strictly and the beautiful Kara. What a wonderful way to start a romance. Makes you feel all warm inside. Stay safe and warm.
    Love Shirley.x

  7. Sue you're photographs could have been taken here from my bedroom window and in our lane.
    We even have a dog, Mr Ben, who comes home covered in snow balls just like Mery.
    We battled our way home from Brest on Friday and have been snowed in ever since!
    We too watched Strictly last night (but not the results show).
    Of course now I don't have to as I heard the news on Radio 4 at breakfast time!
    Congratulations to Kara & Atem, ain't love grand?

  8. It really does look like Narnia!
    Its so pretty - poor puppy all that de-snowing.
    stay warm and cozy - hope you're out and about soon.

  9. I thought we were well and truly snowed in with about eight inches, but you have beaten me! Our dog Monty doesn't mind the snow, but we have my daughter's dog here for a month, and he hates the snow bobbles on his legs! The pair of them spend ages picking and pulling them out when they come back from their walk. Hope you are able to get out again soon! Jacky x

  10. Wow, Sue, that is a lot of snow! Mery looks so happy in it! It does feel kind of snug and safe to be snowed in once in a while. And so pretty, too.

  11. Impressive quantity of snow - we've had rather less, but a much messier dog! Love the new header. Hope you have a warm Christmas.

  12. Wow what beautiful pictures. Living in So. Calif., I can only imagine what waking up to that winter wonderland is like. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

    Terry in So. Calif.