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Monday, 13 December 2010

Saint Lucia Nr Annelund Sweden

I normally get to Sweden to stay with my good friends around this time of year and a couple of years ago I happened to be there on St Lucia day which for those who are not Scandinavian is the 13th December. On this day throughout the country young girls dress in these white robes and a girl with a garland of candles on her head visit hospitals, schools and anywhere you can imagine singing the song Saint Lucia.
I was lucky enough to see this traditional event. We went to a restaurant near where my friends live and in came the girls. I hope you enjoy the video I took- Its a bit dark but that adds to the beauty of the whole scene. I even have my own ST Lucia girl , so today the candles are lit and I think of my dear friends in Sweden who I love and miss.
We also paid a visit to LISEBERG in Gotenburg . Its and amusement park but all done with the utmost taste. Completely white lights everywhere an ice skating rink and shops to buy gifts. We had dinner in a restaurant overlooking the skating rink - what a lovely sight seeing the young children skating around. I haven't been on skates for years and would have quite  liked to have a go, BUT just couldn't put myself through the embarrassment of making a complete ass of myself.
P.S. Not sure what has happened with YOU TUBE but a follow on video comes up when mine is finished but nothing to do with me.