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Monday, 11 April 2011

More on New York

Sue and I at the Red and White Exhibit

Sue,me,Barb of Fun with Barb  blog and Susan

Lori's beautiful daughter Ren`e me and Lori
The Bloggers -Lto R- Lori- Humble Quilts, Jo Morton, Mary Koval,Me Linda - Quilts in the Barn, Diane- Quiltmaker and Vicki and Jan - What a Load of Scrap
Lori's little quilt she made for me.

Gifts from Bev and Mary. Red and White of course.

You know I didn't show any pictures of our time in New York . I can honestly say a good time was had by Sue and I. Apart from one day when we had to get the subway back to the Armoury building we walked our little legs off.
We went up the Empire State building, went to ground zero, walked through central park saw The Jersey Boys, went to the Algonguin Hotel for a cocktail and saw a million other things along the way - Even a Michael Jackson look alike performing in the street that entertained us for a while.

I was so pleased to meet up with Lori of Humble Quilts at the dinner at the Russian Tea rooms, she gave me a lovely little quilt that she had made especially for me. I have counted 35 different repro fabric in the one quilt. I love it and will treasure it. Thanks Lori.

At the dinner Mary Koval gave us all a fat quarter of her RED Baltimore Album range and Bev from Melbourne had made us all a lovely churn dash block RED and White of course.

I am so glad we had the opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers and non bloggers. New friendships made and some old one's cemented.

We had a great time and would love to do it all over again but preferably when I have been in training for while.

Yesterday I went to church to hear Neil and Emily's banns read for their marriage on the 21st May.

I sobbed all the way up the church path and by the time Emily arrived I was sat outside an emotional wreck. Goodness knows what I am going to be like on the day. I am ordering a large box of tissue's and a beautician to touch up my make up. LOL


  1. Wasn't it just an amazing time?! I still think about it, and look at photos, every single day. That is one adorable little quilt that Lori made!

  2. What wonderful little treats you all shared. I am sorry I missed that get together. You did more in your short visit that I have in all my trips to NY put together. No wonder you need training before repeating it.

  3. Thanks for sharing - I think you sat next to DH and I at The Russian Tea Room. It was nice to meet you.

  4. What nice gifts to commemorate the occasion. Love that little quilt! Shed the tears now, but save a few for the big day!

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely time. You took in a lot of sights! What a darling little quilt from Lori!

  6. That quilt from Lori is just the cutest. And of course, it will remind you of the fun we all had in NYC!!!

  7. Tiring, but such wonderful memories!
    I'm glad you like the quilt.:)

  8. Fun to see more photos, Sue. What a wonderful experience for each of you.
    Love the idea of the sweet quilt themed gifts. ~ Sarah

  9. oh your quilt from Lori is wonderful, of course! I just love her work.
    NYC will be an incredible memory for all of us it was just an amazing time.
    oh get those tears out now so you can enjoy the day and not be as emotional, maybe?

  10. O...I can picture you in the church! I think the same would happen to me, but I still have to wait a little longer.
    Nice pictures from your NY visit - looks like you had a really good time!

  11. Maybe if you've had your cry now, you';ll be better on the day but be prepared with the tissues anyway. I loved reading of your adventures, wishing I could have gone all those miles to see it all and meet the gorgeous people you did. Lori's quilt is wonderful and so is Bev's block, what neat reminders.

  12. I just want to give you a big hug! Weddings can certainly be emotional times. Plus--How totally great to meet these other quilters in NYC. Looks like a fabulous time!

  13. Isn't this patchwork craze of ours just the best thing ever. I am glad you had such a great time and I have enjoyed being with you in spirit if not in person. Some great reminders of your time there and the people you met. I would be crying too, at least they are happy tears.
    love Shirley.x

  14. What wonderful photos and Lori's quilt is adorable!!