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Thursday, 14 April 2011


I have just finished putting the last of the sleeves on these quilts. This is the result of 3 years work - How do I know that well its three years since SHIPTON QUILTERS had an exhibition and it is this coming weekend.

So next week if you pop over to Shipton Quilters blog I will be posting lots and lots of photos. You can even pop over now and see a few of the quilts and beautiful venue where we hold our exhibition.

So if any of you local ladies want a fabulous day out in the Cotswolds please please come along as we also have a lovely raffle quilt with the proceeds going to Help For Hero's.

I shall be slightly relieved when the weekend is over as I can get back to what I love doing best making quilts and not putting sleeves on.

Have a great weekend .


  1. Doesn't that make you feel good to see what you've accomplished? They look so pretty all stacked up! Love your double pink sofa!

  2. That's a nice stack of quilts! I look forward to seeing the quilt show via your blog.

  3. Lovely stack of quilts, wish they were at my house. Looking forward to seeing the photos of them hung.
    Popping over to the show site now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I hope you have a really good show.

    Unfortuately you are slightly too far away to visit and I am going to the Uttoxeter show on Sunday.

  5. Aren't shows great for giving you a deadline to finish-up quilts though. I get more bindings done the month before our show than the two years in-between shows!

    Best of luck with the show...I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  6. I can relate to what you just went through. But my stack wasn't nearly as big as yours. You worked on so many, and I'm sure every one will be enjoyed at the upcoming show.
    I just finished my "finish them now" phase, and it's exhausting, isn't it? Time to get back to the joyful part of quilting.
    I'm looking forward to a peek at your show.

  7. You've finished that many quilts in three years!!
    Can you come live at my house?
    Vey best wishes for your quilt show, I wish I lived closer cos I'd love to visit it.
    I look forward to seeing it online here and over at Shipton's site.
    Til soon,

  8. I love photos of stacks of quilts. Such a satisfying accomplishment. I cannot wait to experience the show via your blog. I must agree, sleeves are dull work. I am excited that I will have 3 quilts in my guild's annual show. But, mine are small quilts and only one of them requires a sleeve.

  9. Oh I wish I could unfold and look at your wonderful work!
    Looking forward to the posts!

  10. I look forward to seeing the pictures, Sue:)