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Saturday, 9 July 2011

New House


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 This week I have been clearing out DH's workshop, very emotional . Have made myself a tool box of some of his tools that I know I can use and old friends have taken the larger things like big saws and big hammer drills which are probably a bit on the large size for me to handle . I don't intend knocking any walls down as in 4 weeks time I will be living here.

What a difference it is going to be from my 1860 cottage with leaded windows  and thick stone walls .
Not sure about the kitchen. I feel like I should be wearing a white coat and putting out a notice saying private operations done here!

I also said goodbye to my dinning room table and chairs . An old friend of DH's came yesterday and we loaded it into his van and took it off to the Auction House.It would look totally out of place in the new house so it had to go.

I can't wait to get my sewing room organised so I can get back to life with a new way of living after of course I have made curtains, blinds, covered headboards and any other soft furnishing I need. Then its back to quilting.

Well It's  back to the grind stone of sorting and clearing for me.
Happy Stitching



  1. Wow! That looks like quite an amazing house. I know it is an emotional roller coaster for you but you will make it your own and I will wish you every happiness in it.
    Love to you.x

  2. beautiful kitchen oh I am sure you will add color to it by hanging a few quilts or making little quilts for that island!
    can we see a picture of your new sewing room?
    I bet your dreaming of the layout and how you will organize it all!
    I am happy for you that you found a beautiful new home

  3. Congratulations on the new house. It looks great. So full of decorating potential. It's hard to leave one home, but exciting to create another.

  4. Wonderful new house. I am SO excited for you.

  5. Sue well done - I know you have worked really hard to get to this point. Your kitchen will take on your persona once you add in your personal stuff.

    Unless of course you fancy a sideline - I'm sure you could do some fancy stitches to sew them up!??

  6. How exciting! I think the kitchen looks'll brighten it up in no time (and I'm sure that yard will be blooming next summer!) Love the stone wall in front of the house...

  7. Warm wishes on your new home, my prayers are with you during your transition. You could always add a big bright Aga. For a splash of kitchen color. LOL

  8. Sue, you'll have this looking like home in no time! Best wishes for an easy transition. It's exciting to have some change in our lives.

  9. As they say - you have a blank canvas there Sue and can go to town adding you to it! I can imagine the conflicting emotions - good luck with the next chapter!

  10. The doors opeing to the grden look so inviting!
    Best wishes as you settle into your new place. I just got the last paper off a small window and a small 'cafe' style curtain up, too a while as I had to make time to quilt!

  11. Wow, Sue, what a house!!! It looks great! Congratulations :-) As the others said, you have a blank canvas, take your time, it will all come to you :-) And when your kitchen is "lived in", you will feel differently about it, I am sure. Good luck and my best wishes to you :-))

  12. Your new house is going to be so different. I'm sure you'll make the house a home very soon!!

  13. Wow, what a big change, but your new home looks really bright and cheerful. You'll make it your own soon.
    Setting up a new sewing room will be fun!

  14. Wow, you have lots of space to decorate with all your lovely quilts. Can't believe you were able to find a new house so quickly - who knew a visit to the hairdressers would turn out so great.
    p.s. you looked simply beautiful at the wedding.

  15. The happy and the sad. The large and the small. The old and the new. To everything there is a season. This is a new chapter in your life, Sue, and I'm sure you'll appreciate all the best parts of the change.
    We'll definitely want to see your sewing space when it's the way you want it. Best wishes for a smooth transition.