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Thursday, 21 July 2011


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Another quilt for the VQF in 2007. The only photo I seem to have taken of this quilt and it must have been for the interesting choice of sashing. I know they always say quilting makes the quilt but in some instances the choice of a border fabric can bring the quilt alive. In this case it is the sashing The block itself is lovely but  think  in this instance it is the sashing that gives the  impact.

The house is beginning to look a total mess with things being taken down from walls
and stacked in the dining room.
I was beginning to think the move wasn't going to happen a week ago as the solicitor found a covenant in the contract that was untenable.  After a week of sleepless nights all the solicitors came up with a suitable solution for my purchase to move forward. Hooray.
I was beginning to think the furniture was going to go off into store  and Mery and I going of with rucksacks on backs into the unknown.

Quilted rucksack of course!



  1. oh I love the sashing too, and the block is beautiful.
    sorry that you had a tough week glad they found a solution and pretty soon you will be in your new home unpacking all of the boxes and hanging things up. It will be all worth it when your done! Keep going!!!!

  2. Oh house buying is such a tricky business...but glad it is going better. Hope you get those keys soon, can settle in and put those quilted rucksacks out of your mind!

  3. Quilted of course. Moveing is so stressful, even when things are going right. Good luck and smooth sailing.

  4. I hope the rest of your move goes more smoothly! Another gorgeous antique - that is interesting sashing.

  5. I am so relieved to hear that it is all going through now. Good luck with all the packing. Interesting sashing. You are certainly making me think outside of the box and I may use that idea.

  6. I'm happy the house contract got resolved and is back on track.
    Love the sashing on the quilt!

  7. Glad everything's working out now for your move Sue.No quilt shops here in Gibraltar-SIGH-but delighted I can 'tune' in to your blog and keep up with everyones news.
    Your PIC Sue from gorgeous sunny Gibraltar X

  8. I hope everything for your move progresses smoothly from now on.

    That sashing is a great choice!

  9. The sashing is indeed a special part of that quilt.
    You're keeping in good spirits, if you can make a joke about the drama going on. Quilted rucksack indeed! That adds just the right touch of levity to the situation. Positive thoughts from me to you across the miles, hoping that the plans and legalities keeping moving forward.

  10. You must be very relieved that the niggling problem with the contract has been resolved. Moving house is stressful enough without contractual problems!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier, it's always nice to see you.