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Saturday, 14 January 2012

I Won

Remember the Infinite Variety of Red and White in NYC. How could those of us that were there ever forget. What a marvellous exhibition it was! So many fond memories of that trip and meeting up with fellow blogger's from around the world.

I missed my chance to buy one of the exhibition bags as the on site shop sold out within the first few hours. I seem to remember you could order one but they wouldn't post overseas. So I gave up ever owning one of these iconic bags .
Well not until TARYN posted up a give away and I WON the bag.
How thrilled am I. Thanks Taryn. I hope we get to meet up someday. We missed in NYC and missed in Houston 3RD time lucky as they say.

I'm at last posting my Christmas gifts from PIC . Red fabric! and the Quiltmania diary. As always she knows what I like.Thanks PIC.

Nursery curtains are now made and we are now on count down. Baby is due on the 23rd. She looks like she's about to explode and her poor legs and feet are completely swollen .I remember that feeling oh so well even after 36 years.

Hopefully will be posting news of the new arrival sooooooon!



  1. Congratulations on your win, Sue! I also love the selection of red fabrics, beautiful!
    I look forward to your big news :))

  2. Looking forward to good news soon!

    Great that you won the bag - a fitting memory of your trip!

  3. Hello Sue:
    Congratulations on your giveaway win, especially as you were so unlucky not to be able to get the bag when you were at the conference. Until we started blogging, we had never won anything but now are the proud owners of three giveaway gifts. It is so exciting when they arrive in the post, isn't it?!!

    We look forward to hearing news of the safe arrival of your grandchild soon!!

  4. I am so glad the bag made it to you! Now you can wave it at your PIC. Great gifts she gave you. I bought that little Quiltmania journal but cannot find where I stashed it when I got home from Houston. I do hope we get to meet one day. I bet you cannot wait to meet your new grandchild. My DS#2 was born on the 21st so that's the date I am rooting for.

  5. Congratulations Sue, it makes it extra special because you thought you would never get one.

    Good luck with the impending arrival of your little grandchild.

  6. Sue, congratulation on winning that bag. My good friend who lives in RI is here visiting and so is my sister, so I drove them over to La Grange on Sunday to visit the Quilt Museum. What a wonderful space and exhibit. They were selling the red and white blankets from the show. - Sarah

  7. congrats on the bag!
    can't wait to hear the other good news :)