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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Train By Quiltings

In my last post I told you we meet up with Ricky Tims on Oxford station.

Take a look on RICKY'S site at his drive by quiltings to see what fun we all seemed to have showing him our quilts.

You could say the BRITS were up for it!

Thanks PIC SUE for talking me into it and thanks Ricky for making a dull dreary rainy day in England FUN!


  1. I just read his blog with your story on it - what a lot of fun! Loved the quilts too.

  2. I just read all about your fun day out on Ricki's website, what a hoot!
    Your PIC looks like she'd get you into all sorts of trouble if you let her!

  3. What a sweet post on his blog!! A fun memory, for sure!!

  4. What a great story Sue and how lucky were you to be there. Great quilts too.

  5. Just back from reading and reading Ricky's blog. Those drive-by quiltings sound like such fun. I'm glad that you and your friend were able to work with his schedule and the train schedule and the nasty weather. Such a special way to start your Christmas holiday, creating quilt groupie memories. :)

  6. What a blast!! The smailes on your faces say it all.
    Thanks for the link - GREAT FUN!