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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back Posting

It's been a long time since I last posted and can safely say that not much sewing has been going on. Creating a new garden and outside events have taken priority.

I have been to the Malvern Flower show followed by Quilts UK  , The Cheltenham Jazz Festival, I watched the olympic torch being carried through Ledbury and my own Jubilee party for my quilt group and  also visited numerous garden nurseries buying plants .

A few cushions  have been made with still a couple to make but I have to make hay while the sunshines as they say and spend as much time creating my own new out door space.

Just going to put lots of pictures up for you to enjoy.

Lovely Tulips at The Malvern Flower Show
Gorgeous Agapanthus

This lovely red and white quilt at Quilts UK in May reminded me of the wonderful Infinite Variety of Red and White Quilts in New York last year.
The Winner - small but perfectly formed

Liked both of these very much
A great fun quilt

Ready for Shipton Quilters Jubilee supper

The Olympic torch being carried through Ledbury

 last but not least Abi
Well their we have it just some of what I have been up to and as you can see from the above photo you will guess who is the biggest  distraction from  me doing any sewing. We seem to do lot of girlie shopping as she is growing at a fast rate of knots.

I have been holding my breath all the time I have writing and putting pictures up that blogger wouldn't do anything nasty and crash on me which it had been doing constantly on my last couple of post's . It  had rather put me off posting as it had been such a hassle but hey it's behaved so you might see me back here sooner than you think.


  1. Glad to hear from you every now and then. I know you are still trying to get your footing and enjoying that lovely grand daughter of yours!!

  2. Beautiful flowers, beautiful quilts and the most beautiful of all is Abi. Take care.

  3. Abi is the image of Neil and Dick and she looks a lovely happy baby. Enjoy those girlie shopping moments. I am sure you will whip that garden up into something as wonderful as your last one. The sewing will happen when you are ready.

  4. Hello Sue:
    We are so pleased to see you here but do understand how very disheartening it is when Blogger plays up which it does far too often in our book.

    You have clearly been out and about a great deal and, which is so very lovely, spending much time with your beautiful grand-daughter.

    The Agapanthus at the Malvern Show look wonderful and remain one of our all time favourites. Ours have not flowered this year, we think because we repotted them last and they do rather enjoy being pot bound which, at the moment, they are not!

  5. Beautiful flowers, beautiful quilts and a very beautiful baby :0) Enjoy!!

  6. what lovely photos. The flowers and quilts are beautiful, but your gut of course Abi steals the show with those sweet cheeks!
    see you soon

  7. Missed hearing from you Sue,and just read how busy you have been. Nice kind of busy to be, that sweet Abi is adorable, I am awaiting my first granddaughter this coming October, must say, grand babies are so precious. While the quilts and the flowers are also wonderful to see, you holding your Abi is worth waiting to hear from you.

  8. Thank you for another lovely blog! Love the photos! And that dear
    wee reason to sew/quilt!!! Hugs!

  9. That little Abi is adorable! I'm surprised you get any quilting done now that she is here. ;-)