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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vermont Quilt Festival

First day at the the VQF and it was great to meet up with Lori again, haven't had a real chance to photograph the quilts in depth yet as it was pretty busy. I'm here all weekend so will go early Sunday to take some more pictures.
I know you all love eye candy.

A few pic's of some that caught my eye whilst in the midst of shopping.

Took this one through the window of Yankee Pride quilts in Essex Junction.
Just had to do a little shopping while I was here too.
I know, I know I can't keep the US economy going on my own but let's say I am helping in my own sweet way.

Had dinner at the New England Culinary Institute last night we three special funny ladies, Jill, Lori of Humble quilts and Barb of Fun with Barb blog.
Thanks girls I had a great day a fun night and the food was pretty amazing too.



  1. How nice, enjoy the lovely quilts and meet up with quilt friends. Look forward to your quilt show pictures.

  2. Sue: So enjoyed the pictures of your latest foray into the quilt world! Enjoyed seeing those Baltimore Album quilts, so very gentile and pretty. Isn't Vermont one of the friendliest and most scenic places to visit? So happy to see you enjoying yourself travelling again....

  3. Lori gets around, doesn't she! Did you two have lots of fun together?

  4. Some beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing. How wonderful to meet with other bloggers! Looks like you had a wonderful time together! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos from the festival.

  5. Would love to visit that shop with such a wonderful display in the window. Lovely eye candy. Keep having fun.

  6. Looks like you're having fun, isn't it great to meet up with blogging friends.
    Hope you enjoy lots more retail therapy.

  7. Sue, glad to know you are having fun here in the states. Thanks for sharing the eye candy. Love it!

  8. NOW I am jealous as I was at Yankee Pride just last September!! Lovely mmmmm fabrics.
    happy traveling

  9. Looks like a really fun time!! Great quilts, fun friends and food - Perfect.
    Did you have a pitcher of Sangria? Travel safe and thanks for pitching in on the economy.

  10. great photo of you and Lori -
    Can't wait to hear about the flea market, or boot sale :)