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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crazy Quilt

Got talking with a neighbour of mine recently about quilts and low and behold she turned up last week with this crazy quilt that she says was her aunts.

It was full of lovely fabrics and looks to be made between the two world wars probably around 1930/40.
I was imagining what types of dresses were made in these fabrics. I love that era when women dressed as women with not a pair of trousers or jeans in sight.

Heading west this week so before I leave will just give you a little update on our girl- 5 months old already , she loves to smile, eat and more importantly loves to go shopping with granny. YEAH!

See you all soon. Vermont Qult Festival is calling.


  1. What a lovely quilt to see in person! Lucky you.
    I'll see you in a couple of days!!

  2. Great baby pic - what a smiley happy face! She must fill you with delight!

  3. Gorgeous pic of your grandaughter and the quilt is very nice too.

  4. Love the Crazy Quilt - if only those fabrics could talk! Enjoy the quilt festival.

  5. I know that you'll have fun in Vermont but how can you bear to be away from her??

  6. Lovely quilt. They certainly do look like scraps from ladies' dresses.
    Your little gal is growing so quickly. Grandma is going to miss her, I'm sure.
    Safe travels. Looks like you're meeting up with Lori. Now be good, girls!!

  7. What a sweet baby! All giggles and cuteness! And a lovely crazy quilt! Thanks for sharing!