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Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Special Find

Took a little trip out yesterday to Litchfield, was about an hour drive from Boothbay and if I hadn't had Mrs TT with me I would never have found the Busy Thimble.

What a gem of a place, stuffed to the gunnels with every repro imaginable.
I had a wonderful couple of hours here and realized after a while that I had been following Cindi's blog for quite a while.
She dosen't have a web site but does have a blog called Busy Thimble. I can't seem to link you to it from the iPad but am sure your find it through a search engine.

Lots of Jo Morton fabric here.

Pretty sure if your looking for that elusive piece of fabric that you need to finish your quilt. I'll put money on it that Cindy has it.
I so loved this shop I even offered to be her assistant and she wouldn't even have to pay me. Only one slight problem I live on the other side of the pond and that would make the daily commute difficult.
Needless to say I did make a purchase or two and even went back again today to top up.
Thanks Cindi it was great sharing quilt talk. You have a wonderful shop.

Just been our for a last stroll around before I head south and I came across another British phone box that seems to have beamed down from across the shore.


  1. Sue, looks like a treasure trove! Glad you found it and thrilled you are having a good trip. ~ sarah

  2. What a marvelous shop! Is that first picture the exterior?! It looks so very charming. Your Mrs TT is one smart travelling companion :0)

  3. I've purchased from Cindy! Her shop looks fabulous!! And full!!

  4. A veritable treasure trove, I can see why you would want to stay there forever!
    Are you visiting with Bobbie & Logan?

  5. So that is where all our wonderful red phone boxes went. Did you take a spare case for all the shopping?

  6. wow what fun you must be having, Maine is beautiful isn't it?
    Lucky you visiting Cyndi's shop I have wanted to go there for a long time. soon I hope.
    I shop with her on line and amazed at how many times she has saved me by having what I need!
    Where else are you going to in Maine and how much longer will you be there?

  7. what a wonderful wonderful looking shop. Makes me want to come back to Manne and i love the British Telephone box. I wonder how they got that there?

  8. Thats one part of the sates l hope to visit next year, and Cyndi's shop is top of the list. Oh, l want to see what you bought there!! What fun we would have had there together.

  9. Cyndi's shop sounds like a must visit (maybe more than once) when I next visit Maine. Love hearing about your visit to the U.S. I'm so jealous of all the quilting bloggers who went to VQF! ; c )

  10. I've purchased from Cyndi - always great service!! SO nice you could see it in person.
    Glad you are having a good trip and finding treasures!

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments, Sue, and everyone else too! Can't tell you how much I enjoyed talking quilting with you and look forward to your visiting again next year! And hopefully when the Maine Quilts Show happens at the end of July! I will keep in touch following your Blog!