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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Vermont Quilt Festival 2

More photo's from VQF

Nice repro's in this quilt

Loved this one too

How about this tiny basket quilt.

Traveling around the backroads of the Boothbay area today I came across this.

Just couldn't believe how an English telephone box found it's way across the ocean. No phone inside so SEW-NO PHONE HOME!



  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing, Sue :)

  2. That applique is TINY! Wow! I am sure enjoying your pictures - thanks! So fun to come across a telephone box like that :0)

  3. We have an English telephone booth in our downtown too...not sure why but folks love to have their photo taken with it! Looks like you are having a great time up in New England...

  4. Sue, glad you are having a grand time. Is Bobbie in Boothbay this summer?
    The beautiful stamps arrived this week. You are so thoughtful! I'm thrilled to add these to my stamp book. Thank you for being such a dear, thoughtful friend. ~ sarah

  5. I was admiring that Pennsylvania Hearts and Hands quilt when I saw the name. Kelly is a friend of mine and a fabulous machine quilter. I must get to the quilt guild meetings so I can see more of these beauties.