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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Winner

I had my little Abigail here today and she did the honours and pulled the winner of the giveaway out of the basket  for me.

Great job Abi. I think you can almost read too.
Here we have it congratulations to  Every Stitch which is Hilda in Australia.
Please let me have your address  by private email and I will get the parcel of to you.

Don't worry we didn't let her eat it but you know everything tastes sooo good even paper. 

Before I go I just have to show my new shoes.
Yes we have taken our first baby steps

Thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments. I wish I had a kit for you all.
Till next time


  1. What a doll is Abigal and congrats Hilda. Thanks again to you Sue on three years and for offering the generous gift. Take care.

  2. That Abigail is so sweet!! Congrats Hilda!!

  3. How adorable your little Abigail is! I cannot believe she's starting to walk already. Time flies. Thanks for a big dose of cute in your post today.

  4. Those are the cutest pictures. Not only is she smart, but chic and fashionable (love her outfit!).

  5. Abigail is growing up so quickly! walking already!!! What a cutie!

  6. cutest give away drawing ever!
    congrats to Hilda.
    Can't believe Abi is walking, how fun

  7. Thanks so much Sue (and extra special thanks to little Abigail xx) - what a wonderful win ! I am going to love making this one - will keep you posted on my blog :)

  8. Congrats to Hilda - Barb is right - best drawing ever!!

  9. Oh Sue, that is the cutest series of photos! What a little sweetheart!