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Monday, 29 April 2013

Pour l'Amour du fil part 2 2013

I took  Lot's of photo's in Nantes and  not all of quilts.
I  had one morning where I walked round the city and did a little shopping for that special  little person in my life.
I thought I would show you a little of the city and more of some of the Antique quilts that I saw at the show. 
The mechanical elephant that we rode on.
Spagetti Junction  perhaps

This tree was gorgeous and would love to know what its called. Can anyone help?

The Castle

Wandering through a back street I found this tiny doorway maybe for tiny people who knows.

Walking back to the hotel one evening

Wouldn't I like someone to buy me  flowers from here.

Lovely applique quilt belonging to Mary Koval.

This one was on the Labour's of Love booth
So was this lovely hexagon

Well that wraps up this round of photos I will be back in few days with some more.


  1. Thanks for letting me "walk" with you. I needed to get away today!

  2. Lovely photos! And some amazing quilts...

  3. I enjoyed your pictures! the elephant looks fascinating! Such lovely old quilts - the applique one is fabulous!!

  4. Thanks for the Nantes tour - looks a wonderful city. That tree with the beautiful blossoms looks familiar but can't put a name to it...sorry. Love the quilts of course - especially Mary Koval's applique. Do you mind if I pin that photo?
    All the best

  5. You saw much more of Nantes than we did, we stayed outside of the city on Thursday night because we had Fleur with us. Just a quick drive in, a mooch around the scrap salon then we zipped out again back to Normandy. Sorry to have missed you, maybe next time?

  6. Most of my travel these days seems to be in front of a screen so loved the tour of Nantes and would have loved to have been there. Take care.

  7. Hi Sue, Do you know what is funny? I've been following your blog for some time. It is kind of sad we didn't recognize each other during the Di Ford workshop. Next time I will wear a badge :)

  8. Beautiful!I've never been to France but am planning on Fall of 2014 to get there myself.
    I would have rather seen you on a mechanical bull;-)

  9. Thanks for the lovely photos. I wish i could have been there. That comment is so sad: the other blogger who you/ she didn't recognise.

    Is that tree a jacaradah? Or lilac? Did it have a scent?

  10. Hello apiecefullife - I have searched and found it to be a jacarada tree.
    It wasn't a lilac as I have one of this in my garden but I had never seen this tree before. The flowers were like a lilac but much bigger and more upright.
    Thanks for your comment.

  11. We had Jacaranda trees in California. When the streets lines with them bloomed it was stunning, and when the petals fell the grass and sidewalks were purple.
    Your trip looks like it was great FUN. So glad you got to go!

  12. Didn't know Nantes was such a pretty city! Thanks for taking me on a tour Sue!

  13. Wow what a beautiful city. thanks for the tour, I love seeing photo's from places around the world.
    ok just love that bird quilt, LOVE IT!!!! thanks for sharing it.
    oh yes if i lived near that flower shop I think I might be shopping there once a week for myself!
    have a wonderful weekend

  14. I think your tree may be a paulownia. Nantes certainly looks to be an interesting city. Thanks for sharing. June