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Friday, 26 April 2013

Pour l'Amour du fil 2013

Happy to report I am home having had a wonderful couple of days at the show in  Nantes .
Once again we meet up with so many friends from around the world and made a few new ones along the way.  Maureen , Ellen and Fran.  I also meet  another fellow blogger Will  for the first time and we had a short while to talk quilts -  but that's what we do!

I can't tell you how much fun and laughter we have had and some of it at my expense.  Just remember Linda Collins and Pic . What went on in Nantes at The Square restaurant stays in Nantes.

We started off on Wednesday afternoon with a class with Di Ford which was outstanding and I am in complete awe of how she makes her quilts  they are simply amazing . Of course I now have Di's book and hope some of her magic will rub off on me, One lives in hope!!!!!  I'm also hoping she will come to teach in the UK sometime in the future. I definitely have a bed for Di and her hubby at my house.

This is what we started at Di's fussy cutting class.
I couldn't  resist having my photo taken with Di.

Of course one of the main events of this years show was the 150th Anniversary of the Dear Jane quilt and what a feast for the eyes that was. Unbelievable to see 114 Dear Jane quilts hanging in one space.
Dear Jane Anniversary Cake.


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Last but not least we finished  off with a lovely dinner last night with Randi  ( I'm not going to mention your new name you might get arrested ) Ellen, Maureen , and Sue .
Thank you ladies I had a great  time with you and here's to Alsace in 2014.


  1. It looks like you had a marvelous time! How cool to meet Di Ford and take her class. I look forward to seeing your applique :0)

  2. I'm just green with envy here Sue - what a wonderful time you had! Thanks for the photos - that amazing collection of Dear Jane's and the cake!

  3. If you book Di Ford please can you put me on your list for a class, please, pretty please. You sound like you are having way too much fun there. All those Dear Jane's look fantastic.

  4. oh what fun for you to catch up with all these quilters. I met Randi In NYC and of course Linda!
    LOVE all the DJ quilts hanging must have been so inspiring to see them all together.
    Love the start of your quilt, wow.
    thanks for sharing the pictures....

  5. What a wonderful trip. those DJ quilts are absolutely amazing!! I love all the variations. the cake is too fun.
    thanks for sharing your trip with us, looks like so much fun

  6. ENVY - but thank you for sharing :-))

  7. A feast for the eyes--wonderful things throughout your post today, Sue. You've had two awe-inspiring experiences for which I'm so envious--taking a class with Di Ford and seeing 114 DJ quilts in one venue. WOW!! and that cake is impressive as can be. What a time you're having, and thanks for taking the time to let us share in your fun. Je l'aime tout!!

  8. Hi Sue, we met in the Di Ford workshop. Your pictures are great. Could I use one? The one below the anniversary cake. Of course with a link to your blog.
    greetings from Baukje, a Dutch girl who lives in france.

  9. Sounds like a great time. That fussy cut block is beautiful. Can't wait to see yours. Those Dear Janes are a sight to see. Love how they are displayed.

  10. Thanks for sharing. Would have loved to see all those Dear Janes all together, 114 in total..WOW what a sight that must have been!!
    Can't believe someone actually made a that even possible??