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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Out and About

I managed to have a couple of days down in Devon earlier on this week. It was cold and drizzly but you will see Mery couldn't have cared less. We had beach walks and she was in and out of the sea.

From my hotel window I could see the ferry boat that takes you from south beach round the peninsular to Salcombe. The boat can't get right onto the beach so a water tractor ferries you out to the main boat. The sea was quite rough at times and just didn't fancy the trip, besides getting Mery off the tractor and onto the boat might have been a bit tricky.

The hotel right on the beach is super and almost looks like it should be in coastal Maine.
The interior is very New England . It would have been just lovely to have sat out on the deck and had dinner but on this occasion  was far to damp and cold , On a sunny day it would be glorious.

Now back home after my little jaunt I visited a quilt show over near the Malvern Hills. Quite a small show but this quilt caught my eye very subtle and understated.
Looking at it now it seems  it would have looked very at home at the hotel.

I left the Malverns and headed back to another small town of Ledbury .The town has so many individual shops which is something I love  I always pay a visit to Tinsmiths who sell fantastic interior fabric and on my way there I passed another interior design shop when I spotted this quilt in their window. As you can see it's hexagons and wasn't quilted but just look at that gorgeous red paisley print on the back. Wouldn't I like a few metres of that!!!!!
I couldn't see a price tag on it but it is one of those shops  where they don't put prices on their items and you know what they say if you have to ask the price you can't afford it. LOL



  1. What a lovely sojourn to the sea! I love beaches in bad weather - they are (generally) yours alone. The hotel looks wonderful perched above the beach like that.
    That Hexie quilt is gorgeous!! Would love to know what price!

  2. The weather might have been dreary but it all looks lovely to me - perfect for exploring and shopping - gorgeous hotel! That neutral quilt is beautiful - can see that hung in a restful bedroom. All the best:)

  3. Sounds like a relaxing time. The hotel looks fabulous. Did you have a cream tea? I had cream tea in Devon once and I've never forgotten it! That red paisley is yummy!!

  4. I think you need to make a return visit and just liberate that quilt!

  5. I know exactly where that hotel is and it is a lovely spot. That quilt definitely should have gone home with you. It looks very nice. We went to Shaldon in Devon Easter weekend and it was so cold that it took your breath away. Glad you had a lovely time though.

  6. what a lovely spot! There is a gorgeous sea side hotel in the town where I'm moving in CT, hint hint.
    Mery looks like she loves the beach!
    that sea tractor is a hoot!

  7. That looks like a nice getaway. I enjoy that type of hotel on the beach when it is stormy too.
    Thinking of you a lot lately!!