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Thursday, 30 May 2013

An Evening of Quilts Part Two

Well here we go with the next lot of Sue's Quilts.
This is a very soft blue crib quilt that is absolutely delightful.

Loved the simplicity of this Quilt top. One of Sue's she had been hiding from me.
 Wonderful fabrics in this English snowball quilt with I might add the papers still in the back.
 Red and Green- Whats not to like
 Not sure what Sue called this one  but very graphic!
 Super Lemoyne Star, the green has faded but still lovely.
 Well I can vouch for where this one came from- Acquired on our last trip to NANTES.
 I know you are all going to be gasping at this one and have tried to blow the picture up so you can see the fantastic quilting . Purchased in the USA some years ago. The story goes that she saw it at the very beginning of a holiday and at the time she thought it to expensive so drove off and left it behind- Not sure how far that  DH and her  got but they did turn around and go back for it. I believe they were on food  rations for the rest of the holiday !!!!. That's love for you. LOL 

This is a favourite of mine,  mainly because its English and I love Medallion Quilts.This is a very fine example and  does have the most wonderful early fabrics in it.

Hope you've  enjoyed the show.


  1. Loved the show!! I didn't think I could choose a favorite until I saw the one purchased on the Nantes trip. Oh my! Love that one!

  2. Wow! So many lovely quilts! I think I like the medallion the most too.

  3. These are all so gorgeous! Thanks for the show!

  4. Thanks for sharing...both the applique and the medallion are stunners!

  5. I am gasping!! Definitely worth food rations!! Thanks for sharing these.

  6. wow I am so happy she went back and bought that quilt it is just soooo beautiful
    love the star quilt with the unique border, , I love stars but this border really makes this quilt for me!
    so many beautiful quilts I could talk about all of them!!!!
    thanks so much for sharing them with us Sue.
    I truly appreciate that

  7. wonderful old quilts! I loved the grey hexie quilt.
    Looks like a wonderful evening - thanks for sharing these beauties

  8. Thoroughly enjoying this quilt show Sue and totally inspired by the last medallion quilt (my weakness). Take care.

  9. Beautiful!! Love the quilts, would love to see her presentation.
    Love the Nantes stars and the medallion - WOW. OK, I like them ALL.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous quilts - love the four block diamond; so very different! Great medallion and stars, too.

  11. What a wonderful display of quilts! I love that medallion quilt also!

  12. Lovely show and good to see the Nantes quilt again, i mean the Le Moyne stars, i LOVED it and want to make a copy. Love from Paris