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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

An Evening of Quilts

Last night according to my PIC I became the BHFQ.
When I opened my email this morning I  wondered what the heck she was on about. Well it means The Best Holder and Folder of Quilts.
Sue was giving a presentation and talk on her antique quilts for Highnam Quilters so I got the honour  to hold and fold.

At last I got to see all the treasure's she has been hiding away in her attic and will leave you with some lovely eye candy.
I have done my best to crop us out of most of them because we both seem to look very serious in the photo's. My excuse I was concentrating on the quilts.
This was Sue's first quilt she ever bought at Sully  USA many years ago.
Love this Turkey Tracks.

This is the back of the above quilt and it  also looks like I'm being accused of something. Honest it wasn't my fault!

This is a lovely English stripy quilt.
This is the back of the one above and  another  English quilt  with a gorgeous floral backing

Now I'm sure you all wondering about the PINK. She  is not a pink girl at all ,  but if you see a Vintage English quilt for sale  in the UK  at a reasonable price . You buy it !!!!

Even though theirs plenty of other colours  in this one-  once again  theirs a bit of pink  crept in.   Sue was told that It's  a Cornish quilt and I can tell you it was very heavy-  obliviously has a wool filling.

I have lots more photos to show  so will be back soon.



  1. PIC has a beautiful collection of quilts and I am hard pushed to choose a favourite. You were doing a sterling job as quilt holder.

  2. It is hard to hold, concentrate and smile! BHFQ is a great job to have. PIC has a wonderful collection. The medallion is spectacular. I have an English Medallion with wool bat and it is very light weight. Mine had a fiber test - unfortunately there was a hole we could get a sample from.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What a treat it was to see these treasures, Sue! Thank you! I think my favorite was that delightful Turkey Tracks. After all, I'm a pink kind of girl, but they were all lovely!

  4. You are both lovely!! Oh yeah, so are the quilts. I adore the last one and the pink zig zag.

  5. You did a good job Sue!!!!! And I think the baskets are my favorite.

  6. So many treasures - thanks for sharing the show!

  7. Thanks for the quilt show! Especially love the pink medallion!