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Friday, 17 May 2013

Nantes 2013

I came home from Nantes unpacked and repacked for a family holiday to Cornwall and realised I hadn't showed what I bought at the show.
As you can imagine Di Ford's, Petra and Ann Moonen's books were on the top of the shopping list and  I spent many an evening whilst away in Cornwall drooling over the contents of these books.

I bought these orphan blocks from  Mary Koval. No idea what I am going to do with them but they looked lonely and wanted to come home with me.

I was also given a few gifts. The red coffee mat came from Linda Quilts In The Barn. Sue (PIC) made dear Jane blocks  to give as presents. I think she made six and announced that was the only six she was ever going to make!!!
Randi made this sweet little needle keep, don't you  just love the fabric..

As mentioned in a previous post I took the Di Ford class and those of you that know me know that the only applique I ever do is on the machine. But hey I was so taken with Di's project that we worked on I must show you a bit of my progress.
Here is my fist piece of  needle turn applique- still a bit of a way to go buy hey I am determined to do this as I will enjoy piecing the blocks that  surround it.

Whilst we were in Nantes we meet Fran on Di's class and to my surprise I called in at Cowslip Workshops to see Jo on my way home from Cornwall last week and the first person I meet was Fran. Jo snapped this picture of us. Nice to see you Fran.

Had some good news yesterday our quilt group got a first at Quilts UK , Malvern . We won under the category of Charity Fund Raising quilt and this quilt will be raffled next April at our exhibition.
If you want to have a little look hop over to here .  Shipton Quilters



  1. Nice finds that came home with you. I haven't seen the book, Primarily Quilts, but I hear it is wonderful.

  2. Your applique vase is lovely - love the way you have fussy cut it! Congratulations on the Shipton Quilters' win - it is a great quilt - wonderful piecing :) Some great gifts there - I especially love the red and yellow mug rug.
    All the best

  3. Looks like you had a great trip with some fun shopping. Love your applique - warning - it could become addictive.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Sue, Would you believe, that despite some serious blog hopping, yours is the first blog I have found from someone in the England! I'll be stopping by again :-) I just made it a challenge to find someone, as all the bloggers seem to be from the States or Australia. You have picked up some nice goodies on your holida. Dasha

  5. Your chosen charity should make more money now that it is an award winning quilt. Well done to your group for their efforts. You are doing a great job on the appliqué and it may even hook you in. Wonder what you will do with the orphan blocks.

  6. What great souvenirs to bring back from Nantes!!