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Monday, 1 July 2013

It's Been Ages

Yes it really has been a while I know. All I can tell you is I always seem busy busy busy and why?  Well  the following photos will tell you why.

This little person and I have been sharing lots of time together and I often have to go and  lie down when she's gone home. You really forget what hard work they are. I'm nuts about her though.

Definitely not much sewing going on here but I am going show you some photos of a lovely talk we had at our quilt group a few weeks ago. It was called INSPIRATION NORGE.
 Some lovely Norwegian ladies came in their national costumes to show us the type of quilts they make.
They explained that as they have very long dark winters in Norway  they like to use red in their quilts.
They explained that the costumes are regional and differ from area to area.

As you can see they do love a bit of red in their quilts.
We finished  off the evening with this traditional cake that one of them had made for us to try.

Hope you enjoyed a little Inspiration Norge as much as I did.


  1. I can imagine the Norwegian meeting was really good :-)
    Your granddaughter is so sweet! But don't they grow! Before you know you will be doing school pick-ups :-))

  2. Oh Sue - I had such a laugh at the photos of little Abigail!! Wonderful that you can spend time with her - exhausting thought it is! I didn't think for a moment that you nudged her into that basket..hehe. You always have something interesting to show us - love the Norwegian displays. The knitting is beautiful too.

  3. Looks like you all had a great evening and I am quite taken with the strippy sampler. I can see why they add red as it does make the quilts sparkle. Abi is looking a very confident little girl and determined.

  4. WOW and red is my favorite color!!!

  5. It must have been a great evening and such wonderful quilts for you all to enjoy. Abi is absolutely gorgeous and is growing so fast. Take care.

  6. That looks very interesting and wonderful quilts!
    Aby is the peach!!

  7. What a sweet way to spend your day, Sue. Miss A is adorable beyond words. I know she fills your days with JOY. I've been MIA with visiting. Caught up tonight with all your wonderful quilt posts and travel to Nantes. That's a lovely city. We were there in fall of 2011 visiting French friends who live in Nantes. Did you go to the market?
    Thanks for the visit. Bloglovin doesn't like my feed, but I see that I'm on your sidebar. Fortunately my feed is working for updates on sidebars again.

  8. Very fun show and tell , thanks for sharing. Oh my that cake looks sooo good.
    ok love the pictures she is just so adorable don't they do the cutest things :)
    I always love just sitting back and watching them at this age!

  9. I absolutely did enjoy looking at those quilts. I also enjoyed seeing that little person fall into that basket - in a good way, if you know what I mean! xCathy