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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Out and About

Yesterday we took a little road trip up to Camden and found a few antiques places along the way. Of course we had to stop and have a rummage around to see what we could find.

It was fun because although my sis is not a quilter she does like Antiques . We would enter the shop she headed off one way and me another and  funnily enough seem to meet back at the pay desk at the same time. 
Both had some small finds and Ann has now been given a crash course on spotting  old quilts. Their seem to be lots of fifties-sixties ones around which were just tied but I did spot the following two that had some age too them.

Whilst travelling the highway we spotted this lady who was making and selling her own quilts. 
We spent a while just quilt talking. 

We had to drive to the top of Mt Battie- What a view and if you could have looked to the left of me a young couple were tying the knot. They just rolled up and along came the minister and in about five minutes flat they were hitched!!!
Wow, we don't do it like that in England.
Tomorrow we leave beautiful Maine and head off to the green mountain of Vermont. Who know's what we might find on the way. 
Till next time. 


  1. I like the way the stripe is used in the one old quilt. Interesting.

    I would think those quilts hanging outside would fade if the maker left them outside often. How were the prices on the quilts?

  2. Oh lucky, lucky you! We love Maine and especially the harbour town of Camden, we took our first windjammer cruise from there. Have a wonderful time and bring back lots of quilts!

  3. It sounds like you and your sister are having a great time! That lady has made a lot of quilts! Enjoy Vermont!

  4. Sounds like a great that red quilt at the top of the post!

  5. I love the stripe one, I think I might have brought it home. How fun to see someone selling in their yard! Have a great trip ... Looks like you are well on the way.

  6. What a fun idea to have a stall outside for selling your quilts. Where they expensive?