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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Small Treasures

It's incredibly hot here and am now sitting by the pool cooling off. This is the life a little bit of sight seeing  in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon.
Today's visit to the Bennnington Museum is possibly the nearest I'm going to get to see the Dear Jane quilt. Managed to pick up a leaflet about the upcoming exhibition of the 150th Anniversary of the quilt. But alas no Dear Jane for me once again. 
I did stop and pay my respects at her grave in Shaftesbury this morning. What a beautiful place she is laid to rest in with the Green Mountains in the background. 

Two sweet little doll quilts that I took through glass at the museum. 

Jane Stickles grave.

What a beautiful place. 
We drove on the back road to Bennington and crossed through his covered bridge.

I managed a little shopping at Country Treasures in Chester yesterday. Fabulous selection of repros so I couldn't not could I!!!!

Had to do a slight detour when I saw this barn sign. It was a quilt shop called Waterwheel. Lots of very bright fabrics and not one repro to be found. They were very nice and pretty sure their fabric appeals to the young and funky. I did buy a delightful bright panel to make something for Abi. 
So tomorrow we leave but not before I stop off at The New England quilt museum to see the latest exhibit of Pennsylvania cheddar quilts. 
Hope I'm allowed  to take photos- but some how think not. 

Till next time 


  1. So nice to follow your travels Sue - thanks for posting. Glad you're taking some repro finds home with you :)

  2. What a lovely day out exploring!! Pennsylvania Cheddar quilts! Can I hop in your pocket and come along :0)

  3. What a great holiday you are having Sue. Love the little quilts that the dolls are sitting on.

  4. Love seeing all the places you're seeing Sue. Not sure I believe that one little bag from Country Treasures, unless you were being very self disciplined!
    Safe + happy travels, love PIC X

  5. Those dollquilts are so sweet! It looks like you have a great holiday !

  6. Just been catching up on your travels, how happy & relaxed you look, not surprising really with all those fabulous quilts to admire. The covered bridge photo is a classic!

  7. How exciting! All of these pictures are so interesting. Thank you for the awesome pictures.

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  8. Sue, how did I miss that you were here in the states again this summer? Love that you share your travel photos.