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Friday, 23 August 2013

Another Little Road Trip

I've been on the road again. Another little road trip to Wales to the Welsh Quilt Centre to see their latest exhibition of Kaffe Fassetts's and Welsh wholecloth quilts.
I decided at about 9pm on Monday night to ring my favourite hotel in Lampeter to see if they had a room for a couple of nights. They did, so on Tuesday morning I packed my bag and the dog and i took off . I love that I can take my girlie along for the ride its a very dog friendly hotel with fabulous walks around the grounds. 

The Welsh Quilt Centre- Lampeter

The way the Kaffe Fassett quilts were hung reminded me of the Infinite Variety of Red and White Quilt exhibition in New York back in 2011.

Isn't this just fantastic. I love the jester border, the points were so sharp. 

Another interesting border. 

Folk Art quilt

Kaffes Mariners Compass. 

On my way back home I did a little detour to Lananfan Fawr. My cousin has been doing a bit of genealogy research and found our ancestors came from this area back in the 1700's. 
it's  an absolutely stunningly beautiful area of Powys but back in the 1700's it was part of
Breckonshire. Why am I waffling and telling you this you may well ask!!!
Well when I stopped  by I went into the church and had a poke around the graveyard to see if I could see any headstones with family names on . No names but what was interesting was these carved stones in the porch wall.

Recognise any of these designs. I gotta feeling that's where some of those welsh ladies may have got some inspiration for their quilting designs. 
 Yes I think we can see the resemblance and the scalloped edge one has a similar design. 
I believe these stones are dating back to the 7th century. 

It's a great mixture of old and new quilts in the exhibition and the wholecloth quilts the finest I have ever seen. 
All in all another great little trip to beautiful Wales. 



  1. What a wonderful post!! Sue you must do a lot more of these road trips - such a treat for us all. I just love and adore the whole cloth Welsh quilts! The large striped leaf motif seems to be very popular and used so many ways. My brain is ticking over here ...would they look as good machine quilted ? no, sadly they would not. Must have been nice to be so close to the ancestors even if no headstones found.

  2. Thanks for the tour - well worth the visit! Those quilts are just so amazing.

  3. I don't think I am going to get to Lampeter this year, so thanks for posting the photos. The centre of the Margaret Williams quilt is just the same as the one I own....and similar motifs as well.

  4. Fabulous post Sue and I can't believe it is just on four years since we were in Lampeter. I love the way the Kaffe exhibition quilts and the way they are hung. Take care.

  5. What a wonderful little trip! Those quilts are stunning, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the bricks with the inspiration designs on them. Good eye to catch that! :o)

  6. Sue:

    I am certain you can hear the ooooing and awwwing all the way over there! The exhibition pictures took my breath away, I just love Kaffee Fassett and his colors always look fantastic. I remember when he did the knitting, I would sit and try to follow...LOL. The hotel looks gorgeous, bet your girl enjoyed being there with you! So nice to read of another Welsh trip from you, always so interesting and yes, those whole cloth quilts are extremely beautiful. Thank you once again for sharing this exhibition with all of us and your trip, of course..

  7. Wonderful exhibit, Sue. The whole cloth quilts are some of my favorites. Glad you had a nice trip. Wish you were joining us in FL in October.

  8. Oh so lovely!! The wholecloth quilts are beautiful! Imagine sleeping under that one with the pointy jester edge - you'd want to be careful pulling the quilt up over your head and don't poke yourself in the eye :0)

  9. So, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    The hand quilting is exquisite, lovely on the sateen.

  10. What a lovely exhibit. The whole cloth quilts are just stunning!
    Looks like a perfect little get away -