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Friday, 30 August 2013

Paris Hill Friendship Quilt

Just before I left for Maine last month I noticed a quilt on an historical museum site in Paris Hill.
It looked really interesting to me so emailed the museum to ask if they had any other photos of the quilt.

They replied and I was told that the one on the museum web site was all they had. I thought as I would be passing quite near Paris Hill when I left to drive to Vermont I would go and have a look.
No it wasn't to be,  the museum has limited opening hours and certainly didn't fit in with my schedule.
I can't post the details on here but here is the link.

This is one very big quilt measuring 101x101 and is made up of 61 11 1/2 in blocks.

I did find this image by googling Paris Hill Friendship Images .

Wouldn't this make a great study quilt?



  1. Its beautiful! It doesn't seem like you see too many predominately pink samplers either.

  2. Hi Sue! I think I'm going to pop over there tomorrow and see if I can get a closer look! From the description on their site, it seems to be a potholder style quilt.....I just love those! :o)

  3. Wonderful quilt isn't it? Such a variety in the blocks. I had a look at the link and am wondering if the quilt was quilted in "Quilt-as-you-go" technique: "It is particularly interesting because each square was finished individually with narrow binding". What do you think?

  4. Gorgeous! Nice soft colors and wonderful quilt blocks. It would be an interesting study. 72 signatures, 61 blocks, the youngest quilter was 14. Thanks for sharing the link!

  5. Yes, Sue I think a return trip is in order with a study appointment.
    I enjoyed reading the description.

  6. Hi Sue - love the quilt in your header!

  7. Hello Sue!
    For more information: Have you seen the blog Regan (Floating on a Quilted Cloud)
    early July she posted two quilts that resemble the one you wanted to see in Paris Hill, Maine! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures of the shows you can see and that you so kindly share with quilters around the world! Friendship of France

  8. Sorry, I just saw that Regan wrote a word about it!