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Sunday, 11 August 2013

More from The Festival of Quilts

Have been back to the FOQ today mainly to collect my quilt and the Shipton Quilters Group quilt. 
I have been sitting here reading the judges comments and it is funny how three people have differing opinions about a quilt. 
I guess even if their is a formula it's never going to come out the same. 
So this is how it goes for the group quilt.
Fulfils Catergory/ Theme rules.          2 Excellent 1 Good    Satisfactory
Visual Impact / Emotional Response. 1  "             2 "
Originality /Content.                           1  "              2 "
Design, Composition,Colour.             2  "              1 "
Choice & Suitability of Material           2  "              1 "
Surface Design & Embellishment     
Not Applicable                                   2 n/a.          1  " don't understand 2 think its not applicable

Piecing construction /accuracy          2                 1 "
Applique design & execution
Not Applicable.                                 3 they all agree that their was none
Quilting Design & Execution.             2 ex.                               1
Edge Treatment, hangs well.             3
So the only thing they all agreed about was that edge treatment and hangs well and their was no appliqué on it. 

Three judges and three differing opinions. I'm baffled but  hey I often am. What does one person see that another doesn't?
You deserve some photos after this little post.

Very innovative and well deserved Group Quilt win.

What a beautiful winning  miniature. 

This one actually won best in show too.

Beautifully quilted by Sandie Chandler

Hunters Star by Helen Brookham and quilted by Sandie Chandler.

I meet up Virgina today and here she is with her lovely quilt full of reproduction fabrics. 

Will be back soon with a few more photo. 



  1. How interesting to read the judges ratings. I have sometimes wondered what sort of features they look for.I guess the least you could hope for is that it "hangs well"! Some truly beautiful quilts there - thanks for the pictures. Cannot in a million years imagine making that tiny little miniature!

  2. I guess judging is not a perfect science, all are beautiful.

  3. The miniature quilt is STUNNING. And the quilting on the white one, so beautiful. Looking forward to see more pictures.

  4. I think 'hangs well' is actually a pretty good thing. Lots of quilts don't, they pull this way or that, or the corners are like wings. :-/. 'Hangs well' says to me that the construction is really good, that the quilt is put together properly and the structure and the techniques are sound. Lots of quilts have fancy stuff on them, but fail on this type of thing, which is a shame! Well done! :-D

  5. Some lovely quilts Sue and very interesting item with the judges comments. Take care.

  6. Gorgeous quilts, thanks for the Show & Tell.

  7. Lovely quilts and informative post, Sue.