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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A New Start

At last I saw I picture of a quilt that made me want to raid my stash and get cracking. 
Pink and brown is the theme and will now be posting progress on this one. 

A nice pile progressing

This is how I will set them, just realised my pink show is peeking out at the bottom of photo. 

When Linda from Quilts in the Barn was here last month amongst other things she gave me this lovely
old quilt block. A different pink and brown to what I'm making but really like this combo. 

I've been out and about and meet Mary Koval and Bonnie Hunter at the Festival of Quilts. 
I loved this quilt which was on the French Patchwork Association stand. They had some fabulous quilts that I really love. 

Really great scrappy quilt. 

Hope you like the eye candy


  1. Lovely , i saw the Brouage quilts also and they are so carefully made! Good to see you had a nice time in Birmingham!

  2. These wonderful quilts are very inspiring - thanks for the S & T. Take care

  3. I love pink and brown quilts!

  4. pink and brown is such a winning combination! love the star quilt

  5. I love you color combination! I look forward to watching your progress on this quilt! Thank you so much for sharing some of the quilts you saw at the show. I can't believe how fine those points are on the Mariner Compass style quilt! (I think that is the name)

  6. The pink and brown is a gorgeous combination! What an inspiring time you have had - wonderful!

  7. What gorgeous quilts! I love your db nine patch. You cannot go wrong with pink and brown.

  8. Hello Sue !
    Thank you for sharing some photos about French quilts ! Every 2 years, the association "France Patchwork" makes the show and you can see more of them there :
    Don't forget to tell you that I love your new quilt and the union between brown and pink is soooo lovely !
    Have a great day !

  9. thank you for sharing the pictures with us, I have so enjoyed your pictures especially all the places you visited with Linda. pink and brown is a winning combo in my book! keep going glad your inspired to make a quilt again

  10. The French handwork is lovely. Your pink and brown project looks fun!

  11. Pink and brown is a winning combination, no matter the quilt design. You're making quick progress on your 9-patches and dble 9-patches.
    Thanks for sharing so many quilts from the festival. Inspiration abounds.

  12. Fabulous quilt!! Have fun with your new project.

  13. Glad you have found something to whet the appetite. Love the eye candy. Those French Quilts were exquisite. That gorgeous blue quilt on Petra's stand had my attention too.