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Monday, 4 August 2014

World War 1

It seems fitting today on the 100 year anniversary of the out break of WW 1 to post a quilt I made some years ago honouring the Dymock Poets. 
This group of poets were a literary group who made their homes near the village of Dymock in Gloucestershire and at the outset of World War 1 they disbanded and went off to war all except Robert Frost, he returned to his native America.
Edward Thomas and Rupert Brooke were to loose their lives in the war and Brooke's poem The Soldier is one of his well known works. 

What an absolute tragedy that so many young men lost their lives in a war that was supposed to end all wars. 
We seem to learn nothing from history. 



  1. Ya got that right! I like the quilt you made.

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  3. What a beautiful way to honor these young men Sue!

  4. Hello Sue,

    The loss of life is incredible in, as you say, a war which was meant to end all wars.

    What a beautiful way to commemorate the Dymock Poets who were indeed a hugely talented group of young men. Are History lessons meaningless? Discuss!

  5. A wonderful tribute to so many gallant people who served in WW1.

  6. A thoughtful post and I remember seeing this quilt in an exhibition - it's lovely.

  7. Beautiful quilt on this remarkable day. I understood that you had some very inspiring days with Linda.

  8. A beautiful tribute, Sue.
    Looking forward to your Blogland Tour post next week. Thanks for joining.