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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Klosjes and Quilt Barn Signs

Klosjes this week is 4 bring my total to 62


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I noticed today on THE QUILT SHOW their was a bit about The Quilt Barn Quilt Trail and how it all started and has spread through several states in the USA.
I spotted a few when I was driving through Tennessee on my way to Paducah in April- The ones I managed to photograph were in Marion County, Kentucky.
I did photograph more but the barns were quite a way off the road and the photos haven't come out very well.
Isn't it a great idea, Imagine having a barn and being able to have a big painted quilt block on it. I have wondered what sign I would pick, At first I thought a basket block as I love basket quilts , Then I decided it would have to be the Pumpkin Seed as I have a real thing about Pumpkins.
Have a look at the story behind these quilt barn signs
What would you chose?


  1. Sue, I'm having so much fun spotting fabrics from my stash in your klosjes - like seeing friends in unfamiliar surroundings. And I don't have to make 'em, and I still have the fabric in my stash - it's a winner all round!

  2. Hi Sue,

    I love your new klosjes and the fact that your background fabric is printed as well. The two on the bottom could be used either way - lovely!

    If I would have a barn (dream on) my sign would be ...
    a klosje! But that is because I am a little obsessed right now ;-)

    Have a great sunday!

  3. I am enjoying seeing your block count grow and can't believe I have resisted the challenge for so long.
    My Studio is a big green shed and I would absolutely love to have a quilt block on the front. I will have to start convincing Peter to have a sign made for me. I think I would choose a basket block as they have been a favourite of mine for a long time. Oh well something to mull over.

  4. My favourite block is the New York Beauty. I love curves and sharp points. Of course it would have to have some pink in it. Great idea Sue.
    Love Shirley.x

  5. Klosjes looks great Sue and if I had to choose a block I would choose the Shoofly because I don't think you can get more traditional than that.