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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Klosjes & Star Quilt

5 Klosjes for my efforts this week - But what I have been doing is making this little Star quilt which I have called Cappuccino Stars.
It has been made for a Oakshott Fabrics They sell lovely fabric's from Kerala in India and it is their intention to sell kits at the Festival of Quilts in August this year and my Cappuccino Stars will be a one that they will be selling.

Just have to quilt it and away it will go.

Now I am off for that lovely Cappuccino or is it a Latte.


  1. Lovely klosjes.
    But i like you stars.also.

  2. I love the coloration of your Klosjes, so rich and nice.
    Your star quilt looks great!

  3. Very nice!!
    How fun to have your quilt in a kit!!

  4. Love your klosje fabrics! I can just imagine the fabrics as gowns stepping daintily, back in history! How interesting the Cappuccino quilt is, bet it will be a popular kit at the festival.

  5. Do those stars come in pink by any chance?!! They look great Sue and the Klojes are looking good too. Need to catch up with mine.
    Love Shirley.x

  6. Great klosjes, and the star quilt is sure to be a winner for Oakshott - they are such lovely people to work with and the fabrics are pretty good too!

  7. The klosjes are aboslutely gorgeous! I think they will make a wonderful 'antique'looking quilt.

    I may go hunting for the oakshot fabrics in B. :-)

  8. I like the klosjes too - lovely fabrics. I think Oakshott have a new website being built at the moment, hoping to see them in Birmingham.