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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Meet Beryl and Fred

Let me introduce you to Beryl and Fred, they are very old friends of my mother's and they are stopping in my guest cottage this week.

I had never meet them before this week , Not only are they a delight to have around but they are quilters. YES both of them.

Fred can't walk to far these days so when Beryl took up patchwork and quilting Fred followed suit- I have seen some amazing quilts from their Quilting Album and they seem to enjoy making charity quilts and small things for craft fairs to raise the odd pound or two. Their is a lovely photo in the album of Fred sitting at his frame quilting. Beryl's real love is applique.

They bought these two quilts to show me their work.The blue drunkards path is Fred's and the Christmas Applique is Beryls.

Aren't they great for a 77 and 81 year old - I love they have this shared interest especially as Fred is so disabled with his breathing and can't race around anymore.

So the morale of the story - Keep on stitching girls and BOYS.


  1. What a lovely story and I like their quilts. There are a few male quilters in the NSW Guild we belong to but generally, here in Australia, the women don't seem to like males invading their territory. I hope Beryl and Fred are able to quilt for many many years to come and give them our best wishes.

  2. Well done to Beryl and Fred, how fantastic to share a love of sewing. Do show us more.

  3. Amazing quilts and amazing quilters.
    I love your work Beryl and Fred!

  4. That is so sweet! How cool is that to connect in real life to your mum's dear friends. AND they quilt! Fantastic!!

  5. Great! They look so happy - to be treasured.