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Monday, 12 July 2010


I am very late with my Klosjes post -my Saturday has drifted into Monday but this weeks total is 3 bringing the grand total to 58.
Today I decided to lay them out to get a feel for how it is going to look and I am pleased that it will have that old vintage look.
I also took Barbara Chaineys comment up about adding another border to the Goose in the Pond - So thanks Barbara It was a great idea and will finish it off nicely. I just wouldn't have thought of it so thanks to blogging world you get another person perspective.

Thought you might also like to peak at the herbaceous border garden. The delphiniums are now out and it is a pleasure to walk through this part of the garden- Notice I said walk and not sit. I must get round to trying my new deck chair out at some point.
Now will that ever happen.


  1. Your Klosjes look fantastic! It is going to be a beautiful quilt, just like your Goose in the Pond - stunning.
    Is that mauve flower in the last photo a clematis? It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I don't know which photo is my favourite as each one is beautiful. I really like your goose in the pond quilt. You have to have some sitting down time in that wonderful garden - sit with your sewing.
    Love Shirley.x

  3. Your quilt will be so wonderful, I love the vintage look of it!

  4. Envious of the garden and the quilt looks terrific too! And you found time for klosjes - do you sleep??

  5. Oh I just love your border on the quilt, looks wonderful!
    ah the gardens are just beautiful
    wish I could sit there with a cup of coffee and a quilt book!

  6. Love the Klosjes, love your Goose in the Pond, love your garden--XXX

  7. Your goose in the pond quilt is fantastic and the borders finish it off very nicely!!
    Great spool blocks!!
    Wish I was close enough to enjoy a cuppa tea in your garden!! So beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful quilt - and I love the little Klosjes blocks - what size are you making them - they look quite small from the picture of them all lined up on the table -

  9. Your goose in the pond is wonderful! the HST are great.
    The gardens are gorgeous! - thanks for the tour

  10. I love your goose on the pond quilt - the latest border adds so much!! Your spools are vintage looking and wonderful. Your garden is looking very beautiful too.

  11. I love your Klosjes. I'm just beginning mine.