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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gifts and Klosjes

I haven't posted my Klosjes for a few weeks now . That's because I haven't been making many, but since my last post on them I have another 8 bringing my total to 125.

Well look what arrived in the post yesterday- A Sew Scrappy magazine from Kathie. Not sure if you know but SEW is my initials , So glad I married MR W who gave me my unique name. Kathie's Tumbler Quilt is on the front cover with instructions inside. Its all made in lovely repro fabrics. Congratulations Kathie.
She also sent me a CD with lots of photos from the American Folk Art Museum which I have been drooling over. Thanks Kathie I love eye candy too.

I am also showing you this little pin cushion I have made- My PIC bought this old jar cap back for me from her trip to the Buggy Barn.
I just cut a piece of foam and covered it with fabric and used the glue gun to secure it in place. Hey Presto a little pin keep. Thanks for that extra little gift. I hope you have made yours too :-)

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  1. I love your Klosjes! How many do you plan on making? I just started and I think I am up to 12. LOL!

  2. I love your spool blocks! Wow! 125 of them!!
    Kathie is a very generous person. So nice to have some quilt inspiration sent your way!

  3. Hey Sue, hadbeen missing your klosjes...they look lovely, even on thursday ;)

    Love how you made the pincushion

  4. Beautiful blocks, Sue. 125 ~ wow! How many do you need for your quilt?

    I made a bow tie quilt for my husband. I used wool suiting that a friend gave to me. They were fabric swatches for his tailor business. It's on my blog as my very first post in August of 09. ~ Sarah

  5. glad they arrived safely!
    Boy am I impressed 125! Thats great.
    keep going!

  6. Can you tell me where these Klosjes started? I see so many blogs with them. Is there a group?