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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Like Minds

Do you have a friend that seems to have a like mind. Well I do and I often refer to her as my PIC on my blog. Which means my Partner In Crime.

I meet PIC when she walked into my quilt shop the second day it was open and we didn't stop talking as we realised we had so much in common.

As we got to know each other better we found out we had both made a quilt and a needlework sampler the same. Well almost the same as we both put our own little twist into them .

We drove down to Cornwall yesterday and she even started picking up my mobile phone and inspecting it- yes you got it- it is exactly the same phone . It was cheap as chips. Were not into to much high fangle techno stuff as long as we can make and receive a calls on them then that's good enough for us.

We went down to Cowslip Workshops as it was Jo's Christmas Fair. It was jam packed but made it through to Linda Clifts table which is full of wonderful little goodies like buttons, and piece's of antique textiles. At one point I dived down to see what was in the boxes under the table only to find PIC under the table at the other end rummaging through a box of french antique linens. We just looked , laughed and said might have guessed who I would spot even at ground level and between all those legs.
Linda also has a nice  Blog here


  1. isn't it wonderful having a friend like that?
    oh I Just LOVE your quilt
    was it a pattern?
    hope you found lots of goodies in those boxes under the table!

  2. What a fun story!!! How nice to have a close friend with a lot in common.

  3. Would the two of you consider making the same quilt at the same time. It would be interesting to see how they both come out. I really like seeing quilts I have made on other blogs. Just to see the differences in fabric or other differences. Thanks for the links!

  4. How fab to have found a soul mate such as PIC.
    Are you going to show us what the two of you found under that table?

  5. Cute story! I have a PIC too. Beautiful needlework that you two stitched.
    And yes, what did you find under that table? LOL
    Enjoy some time stitching! ~ Sarah

  6. Sweet story. Did you split the box:)

  7. Hi Sue! Your are very lucky to have a friend like PIC:)) Thank you for your comment re magazine. I really expected something special for that money, but there you go, another lesson in life!

  8. I was expecting to hear that you were separated at birth and just found each other! Very cute story!

  9. Lovely story Sue...I can SEE you two PICs under the table LOL

  10. oh,it's fun to see sister projects - love them both.

  11. hi, what a wise idea! I love pincussions. I make them for gifts . I'll make one and show you on my blog . I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy
    2011. My your days be blessed with joy of quilting. Greetings from Bruges -Belguim