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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Roses From The Heart

Wall of Convict Bonnets

Dinghy boat in background with all the bonnets

This is a project set up by Christina Henri called Roses from the Heart. It was a display at the Festival of quilts last week . Not sure how many bonnets have been made to date but she is aiming for 25.566.One for every convict women that was transported to Australia between 1788- 1853. What a great way to honour these women who were often transported for committing minor offense's.
These women were transported from England and Ireland and I read somewhere that in Ireland fathers who's daughters were being transported would walk into the water up to their necks as this is the last glimpse they would ever have of them.
How terribly sad and what hard times these were for ordinary women who often stole a loaf of bread to feed their families then paid the ultimate price of being separated and transported for it for ever.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Klosjes and Charity Quilt


Well I have heard from PIC in she is having an amazing time at the Buggy Barn and to finish off today she will be seeing the Quilt Show. I hope she takes lots of photos of her trip.

With the Festival of Quilts last week and catching up with things here I have managed 8 Klosjes bringing my total to 88. I can't wait to get to 100. The klosjes not me. I still have much sewing to do before I reach a ripe old age.

My task for the weekend is to put the binding on this lovely quilt which I have just collected from the Frome Valley quilting. It is our Shipton Quilters charity quilt for Help For Heroes . We will be selling raffle tickets between now and next April when it's our exhibition and when the prize draw will take place .I do hope we make loads of money for this worthy cause.

Only last Thursday I followed a pick up van with a Help the Heroes big sign in the back window It was supporting 4 young soldiers with back packs on who were walking along a main road in the poring rain. I felt a lump in my throat and thanked my lucky stars that my son was not in the military and not out fighting someone else's war.
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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Have You Seen This Women

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She has been let loose in the USA . This is my Partner in Crime when it comes to fabric purchases and all things quilted. Last I heard she was sleepless in Seattle after her long flight from the UK. You will find her lurking around quilt stores, Antique Quilts or anywhere she might find a quilted treasure.

Sue if you read this I hope the GPS got you to where you were going and my dream about the accommodation didn't turn into a nightmare.

Sue and her husband Adrian are holidaying in Washington state and lucky old Sue is visiting the BUGGY BARN and attending classes with Jo Morton, Barb & Alma of Blackbird Designs, Maggie Bonanomi, and Renee Plains and to finish off it is the Buggy Barns 14 th Annual quilt show this weekend.

I hope it is all wonderful and you are enjoying yourselves - Please give my regards to Pam and Janet who always promptly supplied me with their patterns and books when I had the PUMPKIN PATCH.

I hope that long suffering husband of yours is finding plenty to do and after the weekend continue to enjoy the rest of the holiday TOGETHER.

Don't you just envy Sue's trip- I do- but they both really really deserve it.

Happy Stitching to all who are enjoying what can only be fabulous classes at the Buggy Barn.

Sue x
P.S If you can get hold of some Valdani Perle in Air force Blue I will be grateful.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Purchases and Gifts


The Goodies I Bought

From the book Born To Quilt
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Today I received a gift from Lori at HUMBLE QUILTS. I am thrilled to have this gift as I see so many bloggers using them ,So now I have one too. A big thank you Lori.

I also have to own up to my purchases at the Festival of Quilts at the weekend.
I couldn't resist this pattern by Hoopla . It is scenes of Childhood from the Shelburne Museum collection.

I also had to have these fabrics and of course then their was the lovely perle cotton from Valdani . You can't get these lovely threads in the UK so was thrilled to find the Canadian company had made it over to the FOQ for the first time.
I did purchase some lovely wool in Paducah this year and now have the thread to go with them . No excuses now not to make something lovely in wool.

Just had to have this book- The title is in English but it is written in French so can't read a word of it but the picture's are delicious . Its just one of those books that you need to have lying around to give you that little bit of inspiration for a small project. Lets hope I have enough nonce to work out of how things are made.
Finally I bought this lovely big reel of Aurifil thread. My machine really likes it and apart from YLI was the only thread I used to stock in my shop.
What thread do you like using? I would love to know.


Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Cupcake Cottons girls.
The American Quilt Store

Close up of the Winning Miniature and Best In Show

This American Life by Susan Shie

Another nice day at the Festival of Quilts catching up with old friends and people I forgot to say hi to on Thursday I also needed to photograph them on their stands.

It was Steph and Jacky's first FOQ and their stand looked really lovely- Pretty soon they will be opening a shop. Up to now their business has been Internet based. So keep and eye on their web site for the new address and opening event at Cup Cake Cottons .
I also stopped by and said hello to Fiona and her mum on the The American Quilt Store . Fiona hates being photographed and would not look up even though I took 3 photo's.

When I photographed the winning quilt I don't think you could get any idea of the detail in it so am posting a close up - I had to ask some unsuspecting person to stick their hand next to some of the miniatures as it is hard to tell how small their really were. I was really impressed with the miniatures this year. One thing for sure is I don't think I will ever have the patience to make one plus the fact miniatures WOULD NOT make a dent in my fabric stash. LOL

Not that I am into Art or Contemporary quilts but I did like the work of Susan Shie entitled This American Life- her work is described as always narrative usually including her written thought with the Imagery. It was very different.

Till next time

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Festival of Quilts 2010- Eye Candy

Stunning Winning Miniature Quilt
Another Miniature
And another

Just thought I would post some Eye Candy.

The first quilt was my favourite and a miniature. Not only did it win first in category but my friend Pam spoke to the Japanese girl that made it and was told it was overall show winner as well. Only 12 ins square apparently it took her 3 months to make. It really is a masterpiece.

The others are just one's I liked.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Festival of Quilts 2010

Kaffe Fassett before the show opened.
Mary Koval's Antique Quilts Where we spent a lot of time drooling
The Den Haan & Wagenmakers Tree of Life Quilt
Tree of Life Panel

Petra Prins stand
The first bit of news is that Sue Reich's World War 11 quilts have been found in Salt Lake City in the Fedex depot there.
Know one knows how they came to be in a completely different part of the USA when the other 3 boxes all went straight home to Washington Depot CT.This is marvelous news for Sue.

So now for the FOQ in Birmingham.
How wonderful, Michael from Oakshott fabrics emailed before I left yesterday to say he had left me an Exhibitors Pass on the door which enabled me to go in 45 minutes before Jo public so could take lots of pictures of quilts before it was crowded. I was supposed to do a little stint on Oakshott stand but the pattern for my quilt hadn't come back from the printers so they didn't put the quilt up. It is supposed to be their today so I am going back on Sunday to help promote my little quilt kit I have made for them . Lovely excuse to go back to this great show.

I had a wonderful day catching up with friends at The FOQ in Birmingham.
My PIC friend Sue found me without any trouble . We are like a couple of homing pigeons always knowing where to find one another at a show.

We spent a long time talking with Mary Koval on her stand, She had some beautiful Antique quilts. I have earmarked a couple when I have that big win on the lottery. LOL

Petra Prinsand Den Haan & Wagenmakers were also there. Petra and Nell have now bought Den Haan & Wagenmakers . I had to purchase the lovely tree of life panel from them and lots of other goodies made it into the bag.
It was really good to see Di Fords Sarah Morrell quilt on Petra's stand and understand it will be going back to Australia later this years and Phebe another of Di Fords quilts is arriving for a holiday in Europe.

Their were some amazing quilts but do feel the UK has gone a bit to contemporary for my personal taste. But that is just me I just love traditional work.

I did photograph a couple contemporary quilts that caught me eye not necessarily winners just ones I liked.
I didn't pick up a programme so don't have anything about the quilters but will pick one up on Sunday when I go back I will then be able to names to quilts.

Will post again soon.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Stolen Quilts

One of the Stolen Quilts

This is truly horrendous- Sue Reich has had some of her World War 11 quilts stolen.

I am posting the information that Sue left on several website's she has also let the the British Quilt Textile History list know . About Quilts

May be someone out their will have some information that can lead to the recovery of them so that they are returned to Sue Reich.

This is one of the stolen quilts which I photographed when I was in Paducah in April. I wish I had photographed them all now.

Hope this is a little help in getting the word out . You just never know with this blogging world what can bear fruit

Early To Bed

Yes, early to bed early to rise- I am off to the FESTIVAL OF QUILTS in Birmingham in the morning so must get my beauty sleep.

I will post lots of photos for you to see the Eye Candy of quilts.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Klosjes & Olympic Games Quilt

Olympic Games Quilt

I Have had a good week with the Klosjes and achieved 12 which now brings my total to 80.

The Pumpkin Patchers came on Tuesday morning with their completed blocks for the GIFT OF A QUILT for the 2012 Olympic Games.
It was very funny they sat with their sewing machines at the ready and I cut and threw fabric at at each of them to make the small centre stars, as these were done someone else was at the ready to start sewing the strips together. We were desperate to get the quilt top together in the 2 1/2 hours that were together.
When they left they were all smiling and said it has been like a sweat shop that morning but we were all pleased with the end result. We chose the Ohio star blocks and I supplied the background shirting and they added their own red and blue fabrics. It couldn't have looked better in my opinion.

I just have to add a border and it will be off to the longarm quilter.

So it is a big THANK YOU to the PUMPKIN PATCHERS Sheila, Maureen, Jacki, Carol and Joan. You did a fantastic job.

I thought I would also show you some of my lovely clematis that are flowering like mad at the moment, when other things are dying back the clematis takes over.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Winner Is

Klosjes = 6
Star Block

Sorry I should have posted yesterday but the day came and went- But we have a winner and it is Lori of Humble Quilts.

Lori The little pattern will be winging it's way across the pond on Monday when I can get to the Post Office.

I shall be interested to see what you make this pattern up in as you work in such lovely repro's .

My Klosjes total for the week is 6. Total now is 68. I have defiantly slowed up as other things seem to be getting in the way.

I started this Star project in the week- It is a kit I purchased in Paducah. I couldn't help myself once I opened the package. But, and a very big BUT none of the diagrams and Maths add up. I even spoke to my PIC on the phone and gave her the dimensions and we agreed that they hadn't got the maths right.
So what should one do. Speak to the shop in question- Well they don't have a email address or a website so apart from phoning their seems little point. It wasn't as if their was only one error but several . So have now used their design but with my own cutting instruction.
I wonder if a new quilter had bought this kit how she would have got on- Because seriously this pattern is flawed.
Never mind I have my own instruction's now and hopefully this will turn out a nice civil war star quilt.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Road Trip to Cornwall

Charlotte Yde's Work


Well yesterday saw me setting off fairly early on a day trip to my favourite quilt shop. Cowslip Workshops to see one of Jo's summer exhibition that she has organised.
It was textile artist Charlotte Yde's work of quilts and stitched drawings.
As usual is was all beautifully set up in Jo's barn - the stone walls really made for a fabulous backdrop to Charlotte's work.

Their was also a small exhibition of new students work A lot of the quilts were made up in Moda Rouenneries , Just shows how poplar this French General range has been . It really made for a nice exhibition.

The Toile Medallion quilt is one that I take as a workshop at Cowslip and the original pattern was from Patchalott which I bought as a kit in the USA .
It has now changed and evolved from the original pattern with borders turned and borders added. I know Marcie from Patchalot follows my blog so I hope she approves.