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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Have You Seen This Women

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She has been let loose in the USA . This is my Partner in Crime when it comes to fabric purchases and all things quilted. Last I heard she was sleepless in Seattle after her long flight from the UK. You will find her lurking around quilt stores, Antique Quilts or anywhere she might find a quilted treasure.

Sue if you read this I hope the GPS got you to where you were going and my dream about the accommodation didn't turn into a nightmare.

Sue and her husband Adrian are holidaying in Washington state and lucky old Sue is visiting the BUGGY BARN and attending classes with Jo Morton, Barb & Alma of Blackbird Designs, Maggie Bonanomi, and Renee Plains and to finish off it is the Buggy Barns 14 th Annual quilt show this weekend.

I hope it is all wonderful and you are enjoying yourselves - Please give my regards to Pam and Janet who always promptly supplied me with their patterns and books when I had the PUMPKIN PATCH.

I hope that long suffering husband of yours is finding plenty to do and after the weekend continue to enjoy the rest of the holiday TOGETHER.

Don't you just envy Sue's trip- I do- but they both really really deserve it.

Happy Stitching to all who are enjoying what can only be fabulous classes at the Buggy Barn.

Sue x
P.S If you can get hold of some Valdani Perle in Air force Blue I will be grateful.


  1. Very envious! I'm sure it will be fantastic!

  2. Ha ha, I bet you'll be in trouble when she returns!!

  3. Sooo funny Sue,
    Buggy Barn is AMAZING!
    The classes are AMAZING!
    The ladies are all AMAZING!
    No kidding--you would SO love all this.Barb & Alma were so funny,kind & generous & we got to see plenty of their totally fabulous quilts.Maggie Bonanomi's class was just fabulous today-primitive stitching is the way to go! Looking forward to Jo Morton's class tomorrow--baskets all the way.
    PS Adrian has been out looking for bears & tomorrow is going out on a combine harvester--he's happy too Yipee!

  4. There are two of you that enjoy all of the above---at least you have a friend that can bail you out! Enjoy your blog. Carolyn

  5. Glad you are having a good time Sue!! See you soon J & S x

  6. What a fun trip! And she is meeting up with some great designers and teachers.