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Friday, 20 August 2010

Festival of Quilts 2010

Kaffe Fassett before the show opened.
Mary Koval's Antique Quilts Where we spent a lot of time drooling
The Den Haan & Wagenmakers Tree of Life Quilt
Tree of Life Panel

Petra Prins stand
The first bit of news is that Sue Reich's World War 11 quilts have been found in Salt Lake City in the Fedex depot there.
Know one knows how they came to be in a completely different part of the USA when the other 3 boxes all went straight home to Washington Depot CT.This is marvelous news for Sue.

So now for the FOQ in Birmingham.
How wonderful, Michael from Oakshott fabrics emailed before I left yesterday to say he had left me an Exhibitors Pass on the door which enabled me to go in 45 minutes before Jo public so could take lots of pictures of quilts before it was crowded. I was supposed to do a little stint on Oakshott stand but the pattern for my quilt hadn't come back from the printers so they didn't put the quilt up. It is supposed to be their today so I am going back on Sunday to help promote my little quilt kit I have made for them . Lovely excuse to go back to this great show.

I had a wonderful day catching up with friends at The FOQ in Birmingham.
My PIC friend Sue found me without any trouble . We are like a couple of homing pigeons always knowing where to find one another at a show.

We spent a long time talking with Mary Koval on her stand, She had some beautiful Antique quilts. I have earmarked a couple when I have that big win on the lottery. LOL

Petra Prinsand Den Haan & Wagenmakers were also there. Petra and Nell have now bought Den Haan & Wagenmakers . I had to purchase the lovely tree of life panel from them and lots of other goodies made it into the bag.
It was really good to see Di Fords Sarah Morrell quilt on Petra's stand and understand it will be going back to Australia later this years and Phebe another of Di Fords quilts is arriving for a holiday in Europe.

Their were some amazing quilts but do feel the UK has gone a bit to contemporary for my personal taste. But that is just me I just love traditional work.

I did photograph a couple contemporary quilts that caught me eye not necessarily winners just ones I liked.
I didn't pick up a programme so don't have anything about the quilters but will pick one up on Sunday when I go back I will then be able to names to quilts.

Will post again soon.


  1. I am with you Sue and just love the traditional and hope the contemporary doesn't take over the quilting world. I enjoy mixing the old with some of the new and using modern fabrics to reinterpret old blocks but I am not overkeen on "art quilts". Enjoy your next visit to FOQ. Take care.

  2. Hi Sue,
    How fortunate to have a pass and be able to have a look before the show started. It was heaving yesterday and a bit uncomfortable but I enjoyed what I did see. I agree about the contemporary feel and I too prefer the more traditional although at times I like to do something a bit offbeat. I saw your little quilt and it looked very pretty. I bought quite a few fabrics from Petra Prins too and was so pleased to see the Sarah Morrell quilt. Have a good time again on Sunday.
    Love Shirley.

  3. What you've shown so far really looks fantastic. I'm sure I'd be right along side you at Mary's booth.
    I'm so glad they have recovered Sue's quilts. She must be so relieved.

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love Mary Koval's quilts. Did she have drawers of antique fanrics for sale too?

  5. Thank you for sharing!!!
    Wonderful to see Di Ford's Sarah Morrell quilt!

  6. Glad you were able to the Morrell quilt while on its european vacation. Its coming home to hang in my exhibition, and be adored by a whole new lot of devotee's to Di's work.

  7. Oh, I love the tree of life quilt. What another great post! thanks.