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Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Winner Is

Klosjes = 6
Star Block

Sorry I should have posted yesterday but the day came and went- But we have a winner and it is Lori of Humble Quilts.

Lori The little pattern will be winging it's way across the pond on Monday when I can get to the Post Office.

I shall be interested to see what you make this pattern up in as you work in such lovely repro's .

My Klosjes total for the week is 6. Total now is 68. I have defiantly slowed up as other things seem to be getting in the way.

I started this Star project in the week- It is a kit I purchased in Paducah. I couldn't help myself once I opened the package. But, and a very big BUT none of the diagrams and Maths add up. I even spoke to my PIC on the phone and gave her the dimensions and we agreed that they hadn't got the maths right.
So what should one do. Speak to the shop in question- Well they don't have a email address or a website so apart from phoning their seems little point. It wasn't as if their was only one error but several . So have now used their design but with my own cutting instruction.
I wonder if a new quilter had bought this kit how she would have got on- Because seriously this pattern is flawed.
Never mind I have my own instruction's now and hopefully this will turn out a nice civil war star quilt.



  1. Yikes! We hate defective pattern instructions! I truly think this happens often and when fabrics are cut frugally for a kit, there isn't any wiggle room if an error is made. Glad you have it figured out now! Hope everything forward is smooth sailing! Happy Stitching!

  2. Glad you have the skills to make the corrections. When that has happened to me I have had the same thought-how disappointing for beginner quilters. The blocks look great so far. I hope you can enjoy it.

  3. Thank you sue! I look forward to recieving that terrific pattern and making it in lovely repros!!

    That is too bad about the kit. I sure wish more shops would take there time and do things properly! Especially when the prices of kits can be outrageous.

  4. congrats to Lori
    I can' t wait to see her version of the pattern.
    oh I have had that happen too, just doesn't seem fair.
    I learned the hard way to cut out and make one block to make sure the block fits together.
    glad you were able to make it work
    the blocks look wonderful!
    can't wait to see more

  5. Congratulations Lori - know you will enjoy! The klosjes still look good Sue even if you are slowing down; glad you sorted out the kit instructions satisfactorily, the blocks looks great.

  6. Lovely klosjes.

    I am sure your star quilt will turn out wonderfully. Your blocks look great.

    Congratualtions Lori!

  7. Yea for Lori! What a nice person to receive this win! And how nice of you have the give away